May 17, 2022

Globalists, Elitists, Elected, and Un-Elected Like Biden, and the Filthy Rich Now Believe That WWIII is Necessary to Bring About The New World Order and The Great Reset Because the Average Person, Who Made Them Rich and Powerful in the First Place, are NOT Saying “How High?” When They Say “Jump”. Remember This When You Vote: Once a Tyrant, ALWAYS a TYRANT! That Includes the Vast Majority of School Board Members Who Demanded Masks Solely to Make It Clear Who is in Control – They Do NOT Believe That Parents Should Have a Say Over Their Own Children Whether It’s Education, Health, Morals or Beliefs.

Those in power in every nation on earth consider the average person to be cattle to be used, bought and sold at will. Sanctions that affect the average person, exactly like those being imposed on Russia, are ineffective in swaying a government because the sanctions will not affect the rulers. In general, sanctions, even those supposedly limited to being against one nation, cause death by starvation across the globe, including Africa and the United States, because they cause a disruption in the food trade, specifically the fertilizer trade, and cause massive increases in the prices of food.

FYI: Inflation in NOT around 7-8%. Look at your grocery bill and compare the cost of a particular item this year compared to one year ago. Inflation is more like 25%.

BTW, the increase in gasoline prices is NOT Putin’s fault; it is Biden’s fault. When Trump left office, the United States was energy, including petroleum, independent. Biden destroyed that and made us dependent on some of our worst enemies by forcing the need for importation of energy with a few strokes of his pen on his first day in office.


May 16, 2022

COVID restrictions were inhumane and ineffective, so why did our governments implement them?

The body of evidence shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed disastrously in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were highly ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.

May 16, 2022 (Brownstone Institute) – In the last week, some of the top spokespeople for lockdowns, and all that is associated with that policy of pathogenic control, have come out to defend them plus threatening more now that we are seeing seasonal increases in cases.

It’s almost as if they have learned nothing.

They certainly haven’t admitted error – Bill Gates will never do that – despite all the carnage all around us. It includes not only destroyed businesses and educational losses but also inflation, goods shortages, weakened financial markets, broken supply chains, social and political conflict, and countless broken lives.

All of this traces to lockdowns, a policy advocated and enforced by specific people, mostly powerful and highly paid intellectuals, and amplified by the media.

They say that no one could have known. Not so. Drs. Bhattacharya, Kulldorff, Gupta, Atlas, Tenenbaum, Risch, McCullough, Urso, Dara, Wolf, Oskoui, Ladapo and other contrarians such as Alex Berenson, Jeffrey Tucker, Ivor Cummings, and Paul Joseph Watson, and many other writers at Brownstone, were right on the devastation and failures of COVID lockdowns.

We have written for nearly two years now clamoring against the devastation that would come from societal lockdowns and school closures. We wrote extensively on the ineffectiveness of masks (references 1234) and the accrued harms, especially for children, yet were ridiculed and dismissed by the media and the medical establishment. We reported on the catastrophic effects of COVID lockdowns on children, yet were dismissed and canceled.

We felt that it was lockdown lunacy when we could have used an age-risk stratified ‘focused’ protection approach (Great Barrington Declaration), with strong protections of the vulnerable high-risk in our societies first, while allowing the rest of the lower-risk healthy and well in society (younger persons) to live largely normal lives with unfettered tampering by governments. We even added the need for vitamin D supplementation, body weight control, and the use of early outpatient treatment, but were scoffed at and dismissed as heretics. We were ridiculed, slandered, and smeared, despite evidence of the vicious societal costs from lockdowns and the near 500 studies and pieces of evidence that show the failures and harms from lockdowns and school closures.

It was stupefying to us skeptics and contrarians as to why governments, whose primary roles are to protect their citizens, were taking such draconian and punitive actions despite the compelling evidence (that was available and accumulated one month after the pandemic onset) that the restrictive policies were misdirected and very harmful; causing palpable harm to human welfare on so many levels. It was tantamount to insanity what governments did to their populations and largely based on no scientific footing.

In this, we lost our civil liberties and essential rights, all based on spurious “science” or worse, opinion, and this erosion of fundamental freedoms and democracy was being championed by government leaders who were disregarding the Constitutional (USA) and Charter (Canada) limits to their right to make and enact policy.

These unconstitutional and unprecedented restrictions have taken a staggering toll on our health and well-being and also targeted the very precepts of democracy; particularly given the fact that this viral pandemic was no different in overall impact on society than many previous pandemics.

There was simply no defensible rationale to treat this pandemic any differently. Societies lost three things during COVID: 1) lives due to the virus itself, principally among the high-risk aged vulnerable, 2) devastatingly, lives due to the lockdown and school closure policies as collateral damage, and 3) our liberties, freedoms, and rights.

Our dignity and humanity are abused when governments take our rights via emergency powers. We must fight this in the courts, peacefully, civilly, and legally, but fight we must to re-establish our rights and liberties.

There was no reason to lock down, constrain and harm ordinarily healthy, well, and younger or working-age members of the population irreparably; the very people who would be expected to and would have extricated us from this factitious nightmare and helped us survive the damages caused by possibly the greatest self-inflicted public health fiasco ever promulgated on society.

There was no good reason, no sound science, no justification to have continued the illogical lockdown lunacy and school closure policy that did far greater harm than good. Why when we saw the failure of lockdowns did we harden them? Never in human history have we done this and employed such overtly oppressive restrictions with no basis.

A fundamental tenet of public health medicine is that those with actual disease or who are at great risk of contracting disease are quarantined, not people with low disease risk; not the well. This was ignored by an embarrassingly large number of health experts upon whom our politicians relied for advice.

These experts seemed academically sloppy and cognitively limited, unable to read the science or understand the data that was clear. We should have used a more ‘targeted’ (population-specific age and risk) approach in relation to the implementation of public health measures as opposed to the inelegant and shotgun tactics forced upon us that were so very devastating.

Optimally, the key elements for modern public health include refraining from causing societal disruption (or at most, minimally) and to ensure freedom is maintained in the advent of pathogen emergence while concurrently protecting overall health and well-being. We did none of that. We locked down the well and healthy and still failed to protect the high-risk vulnerable, all the while decimating our peoples societally and destroying economies.

What updated evidence do we have about the failure of lockdowns? Sweden has shown us that we were correct in our fight against the lockdown lunatics at CDC, NIH, and the Trump and Biden administrations. Sweden incurred far fewer deaths per capita than most of Europe even when they refused to enforce strict lockdown policies.

The harms and deaths from the lockdowns belong to Fauci and Birx. It was their lockdowns that POTUS Trump enacted, misguided as he was. He trusted their counsel and guidance, and they betrayed him and Americans for they were not acting on the prevailing science. Children committed suicide across America as a result.

I know, we had data coming up from the States but the media refused to make the exact suicides in children known to the public as it would have shown the benevolence and compassion and urgency in Trump’s calls to Fauci and Birx and the CDC and unions to open schools (and society). Children starved, as, for many of them (especially minority children), the only daily meal was their lunch in the school setting.

The laptop, café latte, Zoom class of people did not wonder about that? As they Uber-ed out and remote worked? As they walked their dogs and caught up on some reading? As they tended to their gardens? We have been raising clarion calls for two years now and as we witness the recent lockdown lunacy on display in Shanghai and BeijingChina, we are left wondering, why? Why, when the evidence from Sweden confirmed our greatest fears and supports our prophetic warnings. Why does this portend to things to come in the US this fall?

More specifically, a literature review and meta-analysis on the impacts of lockdowns by Herby et al. found that “lockdowns have had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality. More specifically, stringency index studies find that lockdowns in Europe and the United States only reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average. SIPOs were also ineffective, only reducing COVID-19 mortality by 2.9% on average. Specific NPI studies also find no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality.”

They further reported that lockdowns have had near zero public health effects, and “they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted. In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

Sweden specifically, got it almost right and showed the world that lockdowns did absolutely nothing to save lives, but rather caused catastrophic pain and deaths. We have found no evidence anywhere in this world, for the last two years, that any lockdown worked to curb transmission or deaths.

Sweden, which was slandered and attacked by COVID ‘experts’ and governments globally in the early stages of the pandemic for not imposing mandatory lockdown, ended up experiencing fewer deaths per capita than much of Europe. “In 2020 and 2021, the country had an average excess death rate of 56 per 100,000 – compared to 109 in the UK, 111 in Spain, 116 in Germany and 133 in Italy.”

The body of evidence shows that COVID-19 lockdowns, shelter-in-place policies, masks, school closures, and mask mandates have failed disastrously in their purpose of curbing transmission or reducing deaths. These restrictive policies were highly ineffective and devastating failures, causing immense harm especially to the poorer and vulnerable within societies.

Nearly all governments attempted compulsory measures to control the virus, but no government attained success. The research indicates that mask mandates, lockdowns, school closures, and vaccine mandates have had no discernible impact of virus trajectories. The experiment ranks among the worst failures of public health and public policy in history.

Perhaps Bendavid captured it best in research that was seminal and reported “in the framework of this analysis, there is no evidence that more restrictive nonpharmaceutical interventions (‘lockdowns’) contributed substantially to bending the curve of new cases in England, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, or the United States in early 2020.”

The reality is that we did not need this robust research to tell us this. Chin and Ioannidis et al. echoed similarly in their findings, reporting that “inferences on effects of NPIs are non-robust and highly sensitive to model specification. Claimed benefits of lockdown appear grossly exaggerated.”

We have known this for a very long time now but lockdown lunatic governments continued to double down and harden and extend lockdowns, punishing their peoples as we are seeing in China today, and causing misery upon people with ramifications that will likely take decades or more to repair.

Despite the demand for more and for the retention of all powers, we must never allow our governments to have such emergency powers. Never again do we allow these lockdowners to cause so much harm and deaths by their unsound and specious actions. We must ensure we have proper legal public inquiries of all the health officials and government persons whose policies were enacted.

They wouldn’t torture millions of Americans just to line their pockets, would they??? Since they believe they are gods and we are cattle to be used, bought and sold at will, you are damn right they would!

May 13, 2022 (Supplement)

What Do We Know About COVID So Far?

May 6, 2022 (American Thinker) – With all the thousands of studies bombarding the medical community, it’s helpful to set our microscope aside and look at the bigger picture. It’s virtually certain that the virus was engineered in Wuhan with financial and technical assistance directed by that highly competent bureaucrat, Anthony Fauci. But that doesn’t tell us what we should expect as the virus moves through society. For that, we must look at the science. And I don’t mean “I am science” Fauci. I mean real scientific data, something with which Fauci has little acquaintance.

Perhaps we should start with that great scientist, Oprah Winfrey, who recently opined that ending the mask mandate on airliners was “premature.” As John Adams noted at the Boston Massacre Trial, “Facts are stubborn things.” They aren’t “my truth” or “your truth.” Facts don’t care who you are or what you think. When we state facts, we are presenting a verbal picture of reality. And the fact is that public mask-wearing has never been demonstrated to have any public health benefit. The only time that mask-wearing does any good is when health care workers in high exposure environments wear properly fitted, donned, and disposed of N-95 or better respirators. Anything else is virtue signaling that denies the fact that public masking (a) doesn’t work and (b) has serious downsides.

The next great scientist is Bill Gates, who recently opined that we are in for another COVID wave that is likely to be more transmissible (true) and more deadly (false). Every variant of COVID has followed Muller’s Ratchet, becoming more contagious and less deadly. Even Delta was a bit less virulent than Alpha, but Omicron showed that more mutations encourage virus survival by infecting more people without killing them. This is the natural course of viruses, but anyone with a vested interest in vaccine profits or lockdown power simply cannot allow this fact to be known. And that brings us to Saint Fauci.

The Supreme Lord of NIAID popped up recently announcing that we might need more lockdowns to prevent the spread of some new variant. The experience of the last two years should have proved to everyone that lockdowns are bad. They kill people with other medical problems due to foregone care. As then-Governor Cuomo of New York learned, sixty percent of NYC cases were directly caused by lockdowns. When people are stuck in recirculated air with infected victims, they get sick, as the Kirkland, Washington, nursing home tragedy proved. But tyrants can’t learn, and Cuomo multiplied New York’s headstone count by sending COVID patients to assisted-living facilities to kill others. All that could have been avoided if our public “health” authorities had taken a few minutes to read the epidemiology literature. We knew that lockdowns were bad long before COVID was invented.

The occupant of the White House and the Chief Cackler are our next scientists. They both live in a protective bubble and are multiply vaccinated and boosted. They periodically opine that we may all need another “booster.” But Kamala’s re-infections prove that the booster will not work. In fact, we now know that Canada, Israel, Gibraltar, and others have increased infection rates in vaccinated individuals. This appears to be true in the US as well, but the CDC is reluctant to release the data.

This vaccine failure is due in part to direct immune suppression by the shot. The military has made it clear to Senator Johnson’s committee that not only does it not prevent infection, but it also triples the rate of breast cancer, with even higher multiples for other cancers. Yet that great scientist, SecDef Lord Austin, mandated that all military personnel get the Fauci Ouchy. He is oblivious to the fact that many highly trained (translation: expensive) warfighters such as Special Forces and pilots have been rendered unable to serve due to the mental and physical effects of the spike protein presented by the shots.

Another reason for vaccine failure is that the virus has mutated to forms that have spike proteins markedly different from the alpha variant in the vaccine. In short, they’re different diseases, just like flu is actually a host of different diseases. The vaccine and boosters don’t have any meaningful benefit against the current ailment.

I could list a host of other “scientific” authorities who are making false claims, but all that would do is bore you. In particular, we should regard anything from the CDC or Big Pharma with great suspicion, since it is contradicted by most evidence. I’ll simply leave you with a set of bullet points, all supported by large volumes of scientific data.

  • COVID-19 is a mild disease with almost zero mortality for people under age 55.
  • Serious co-existing disease is the best predictor of mortality in all age groups.
  • Public masking has zero effect on transmission of airborne diseases, including COVID.
  • The “vaccines” do not protect you from getting COVID or transmitting COVID. They do not lessen the severity of COVID when you get it. That is a result of the newer variants being less severe to start with. The vaccines and boosters are directed at a disease that doesn’t exist anymore.
  • The “vaccines” reduce your immunity, making you more likely to catch symptomatic disease. This also makes it much easier for numerous cancers to grow.
  • Natural immunity from disease recovery is far better than any supposed benefit of shots. If you got the vaccine and then got sick, your immunity afterward is less than if you didn’t get the shot at all.
  • Remdesivir (Fauci gets $$ when it’s used) does not improve survival and probably causes other problems.
  • Molnuvirapir, the new oral agent, isn’t as effective as Ivermectin, which the CDC steadfastly refuses to support. If you do get sick, get immediate treatment with Ivermectin. If your illness is from a different virus, it will probably help against that as well.
  • Locales that opened up early generally have disease and death rates better than others.
  • The safest place is outdoors, where the sun destroys viruses and they are dispersed into infinity.

I’m sure I left something out, but I’ll leave you with a couple of key items. First, don’t get the shot. It has no benefits and a host of bad effects I don’t have space to talk about. Second, take vitamin D3 and zinc. They have been shown to reduce viral infections a lot. Third, get a stock of Ivermectin. If you do get sick, start it immediately on your way to your urgent care. And don’t stop taking it even if they say to. They can lose their licenses if they agree with you taking it.

Government-based authorities are lying to us. I know that’s strong, but it’s the truth. The version of COVID that’s around now is a minor illness that is largely preventable and easily treated. That is a far better choice than getting a potentially deadly shot that a bunch of power brokers love. There will be many more variants, but the final variant is communism.

Want to eliminate that pesky kid age 5-18 from your life? Force your kid to get the COVID-19 jab. Chances of your kid dying from the jab is 51x greater than from contracting the virus.
A perfectly legal form of child murder!

May 13, 2022

The Riveting ‘2000 Mules’ [movie] Proves Massive 2020 Election Fraud

May 8, 2022 (American Thinker) -Dinesh D’Souza is an effective filmmaker and he didn’t disappoint with 2000 Mules, a riveting documentary examining the way leftist organizations used activists to stuff ballots in the 2020 election (and the 2020 Georgia run-off election that handed the Senate to the Democrats). However, after watching it, I felt there were some unanswered questions that also deserve scrutiny so I hope D’Souza follows up on these issues.

2000 Mules begins with the premise that Trump voters have found it impossible to believe that Trump lost the election. When they contrast his campaign appearances (60,000 screaming fans) with Biden’s campaign appearances (6 vaguely animated lumps sitting in little circles); the bellwether counties states showing Trump winning by a large margin; the significant gains Trump made with Hispanics and Blacks; the millions of votes Trump gained over the four years of his presidency; and the mysterious overnight counting shut-down in the states that ultimately gave Biden his “victory,” they know that something is wrong.

The folks at True the Vote also suspected that something was wrong, very wrong. The founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, working with Gregg Philips and a team of computer analysts, came up with a very clever way to determine whether there was fraud. They suspected as much, thanks to the way in which Democrats in key states used COVID as an excuse to increase absentee voting. That included states which allowed only absentee voting with drop boxes across cities and towns, where there had been massive ballot harvesting. That is, people, both real and fake, didn’t fill out their own ballots. Instead, they were collected, completed, and put into drop boxes by partisan and paid activists.

To prove this theory, True the Vote obtained geo-tracking information for major urban areas in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, allowing them to follow cell phone signals. They marked all the drop boxes and all the facilities for left-wing non-profits. They then looked for cell phones that traveled between the non-profits and drop boxes at least ten times (to be sure to winnow out statistical noise). Through FOIA requests, they also obtained as many videos as they could showing people stuffing multiple ballots into the drop boxes, a completely illegal act.

Their data revealed 2,200 mules in just five cities, visiting between 20 and 45 drop boxes each, at which they dropped off an average of five ballots. When you do the math, the numbers are staggering:

They only get worse when you contemplate the fact that 10 trips per mule is an exceptionally high bar and that these were just mules in five cities. When one considers the small margin by which Biden “won” in the disputed states, had these mules not been active, Trump would have won the election by a medium to huge margin.

D’Souza also speaks to Hans von Spakovsky about the various methods of committing election fraud and to a think-tank head (whose name I forgot to note down) who explains how various leftist non-profits, helped with Zuckerberg’s $419,000,000 handout, focused on creating voters, rather than promoting their candidate.

Image: 2000 Mules screen grab.

The movie is clear and competent: D’Souza carefully walks Engelbrecht and Philips through their methodology and findings. He also talks to well-known Salem Radio* hosts (Sebastian Gorka, Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, and Eric Metaxas) to gauge the effect information had on their preconceived ideas about election fraud. All but Prager suspected fraud before seeing the evidence and felt that the data proved it. As for Prager, he went from being agnostic to believing that there was indeed significant fraud in the election.

As for me, I’ve long felt that Biden could only have attained the White House through fraud, for the reasons mentioned above, so the evidence True the Vote gathered merely confirmed my suspicions. However, I was left with two questions.

The first was which left-wing organizations made the fraud happen. The movie never names them, presumably because they are being investigated or because D’Souza wants to avoid a defamation suit. Both are good reasons but not identifying them diminished the movie a little.

Second, and more importantly, the movie failed to explain what happened the night of the election. As best as I could tell (and I could be completely wrong about this), the mules were operating for days or even weeks before the election—as opposed to frantic drop box fraud the night of the election itself. Assuming my version of events, on the night of the election, in all the jurisdictions in which the mules were at work, Trump had a compelling lead as of 11 at night. And then, in each of those jurisdictions, something happened that had never happened before: The counting stopped.

When it resumed, Biden was magically in the lead. Did the mules affect those numbers too? Or was it the case that, even with help from the mules, the numbers still didn’t add up for Biden, so the Democrats had to go to Plan B?

(By the way, AP immediately “fact checked” the movie. I didn’t find the “fact check” compelling because it ignored something important: True the Vote didn’t just look at people who repeatedly went near a drop box. As the movie carefully explained, it also made sure that the people repeatedly went to leftist non-profits and visited multiple drop boxes. It is a frantic, angry, aggressive, and incomplete “fact check.” In other words, just what you’d expect from AP.)

*Salem Radio co-produced the film.

In 2019 and before, the CDC published, on their website, numerous studies proving that masks, lockdowns and social distancing do not reduce infection, transmission, or the mortality rate of viral illnesses. This information should be obvious to anyone with just a bit of knowledge and commonsense. If you can breathe through it, then a virus can get through it – an air molecule is larger than a viral molecule. All that these mandates did was prolong the natural repellent, specifically herd immunity, and, in the end, caused more deaths through delayed health care, surgeries and the like than if the COVID-19 illness had been allowed to run its course like any other influenza-type virus such as the annual flu. The particulate matter that was and still is being inhaled by those wearing any form of mask has been shown to imbed in the lungs and, like all pollutants, is causing harm.
Please click below for more information from a fellow WordPress poster:

April 21, 2022

BEWARE: Life Insurance Doesn’t Generally Pay-Out If You Die From The COVID-19 Shot

According to the company, an experimental vaccine resulting in death is like suicide. When the family sued, this was the court’s verdict:

“The court recognizes the classification of the insurer who, in view of the announced side effects, including death, legally regards participation in the phase three experiment, whose proven harmlessness is not given, as voluntarily taking a fatal risk that is not covered by the contract and legally recognized as suicide. The family has appealed. However, the insurer’s defense is recognized as well-founded and contractually justified, as this publicly known fatal risk is legally considered suicide, since the customer has been notified and has agreed to voluntarily take the risk of death without being obliged or compelled to do so.”


Also, see images at the bottom of this day’s post for information on the long-term effects of the COVID-19 shot.

Have you heard THIS from the lying news/social media? Do you think that you’re getting all the relevant news in regards to the COVID-19 faux-demic or so gullible as to believe what they say? Test: Are you STILL wearing your ineffective, always was and always will be, face diaper? If so, then yep, you are gullible enough.

Source article:

A staggering number of athletes collapsed during games this past year

  • More than 769 athletes have collapsed on the field during a game from March 2021 to March 2022
  • The shocking statistic was revealed by One America News Network (OAN), which also found the average age of the athletes who suffered cardiac arrest is just 23 years old
  • An updated report by Good Sciencing, a team of investigators, news editors, journalists and “truth seekers,” has detailed 890 cardiac arrests and other serious issues among athletes, including 579 deaths, following COVID-19 shots
  • With cases like these becoming impossible to ignore, even a mainstream media sports channel in Australia speculated that the health issues could be linked to COVID-19 shots, and one of the hosts acknowledged that multiple players have suffered from heart issues and Bell’s palsy following COVID-19 booster shots

Source article:

Please forgive the long delay in posting. I have had several personally tragic events happen in my life recently. If you are a person of prayer, and would be wiling to offer one for me and those who are experiencing these tragedies, I would be grateful.

  1. My sister, Eileen, age 58, has Stage 4 liver and colon cancer. She went to her doctor long before her diagnosis because of many symptoms that even I, a non-medical person, would have suspected as being related to cancer, but her doctor kept saying it was an infection. After 10 months of anti-biotics, her doctor finally sent my sister for a colonoscopy. That doctor knew immediately that it was cancer. My sister is going to City of Hope in SoCal for treatments, but I must say that they really have no interest in treating her. Because she does have great insurance, they infuse her with chemo every other week…..and that is all. A nurse comes in to give her infusions of Magnesium twice a week which haven’t done a thing to raise the mineral’s level but cause her extreme stomach pains – and the cancer doctor refuses to prescribe or offer anything more. She is now bedridden. She cannot walk. She can’t even lift her leg back into bed if it should fall off the edge. She never lost much of her hair which causes me to be a little suspicious of the dosage of her treatment. Eileen’s brain is very sharp. When she isn’t too ill, she does others’ taxes and is a source of great info when I am stumped when doing mine. She has a wonderful dry wit. Luckily, she has a very loving, caring husband. He still works 40 hours a week because his workplace and the Fed/State governments have refused to grant them any monetary benefits. He says he has to work to keep the insurance benefits for his wife, anyway. She will no longer allow anyone except her daughter and our Mom to see her. She won’t let me, though occasionally I do talk to her on the phone and text her. Often it is days before her response because she is in such pain that the act of holding her phone and concentrating on the keys is more than she can bear. Please send a prayer her way. Moral of this: Count your blessings.
  2. My husband, Bob, has Lewy Bodies disease. It is a form Alzheimer’s/dementia. I cry a lot and have had to learn new skills. He has been suffering from this disease for several years, now, but I only just started to realize the severity of his disease last year. Although I have looked into moving him into a Memory Care facility, I wasn’t aware that the long-term care insurance he has had for over 30 years doesn’t kick-in for 3 months after entry. The average cost of a room in a Memory Care facility here in California is over $8000 with a $3000 “Entrance fee”, the latter of which I feel is absurd. It’s not like those who are helping him at the outset are paid more. It’s not like there are any expenses on the part of the facility to move him in – the rooms are unfurnished and not everything he needs (wee-wee undies and Endure +) are covered. Granted, I am looking at nicer, albeit not ‘high-end’ facilities. These are by-far “self-pay” facilities where the residents pay the facility, the facility fills out the paperwork for the long-term care insurance company and the insurance company cuts a check to the resident (How wonder how long THAT takes?) Move-in costs would be $11,100 to the facility, plus movers’ fee and incidentals. My husband wants to stay at home, of course, and so far I am doing OK…..but not great. Some have told me to have in-home care come in a few times a week, but that isn’t the main issue. What he needs is supervision 24/7. He ‘wanders’, he touches and moves a lot of items – some of which I still haven’t found – so, I must take him everywhere I go and, believe me, that can be a nightmare. I ‘lost’ him in Costco. I was ready to ask the store’s management for help when I saw him. All I did was bend over to get something out of the freezer and, when I turned to put it in the cart, he was gone. I have begged and pleaded with his family to help me, but those pleas have landed on deaf ears. Why? I have always been there for them, but it isn’t reciprocated. One of his sisters is on a cruise in Asia and is going on a 6-month cruise soon. I strongly suspect that my husband will pass away when she is on a ship. His other sister lives about 6 hours away but has only come to see him once in the last few years. The same is true of his son. His daughter has never come – I’ve never even met her and we have been together for 22 years. My greatest help has come from my 84 year old Mother. Thankfully, my 86 year old Father can still drive and brings her to my house, which is 2 hours away, every other week and she stays a few days. Fortunately, they still have their faculties, otherwise I would be making decisions for 3 elderly persons at once all by myself since my sister is not able to help much at all, and my niece is very self-absorbed with herself and her career. My Mom gives me credit for lasting this long. Bob was a college Physics Professor for 40 years, but, as my Mom puts it, “He is no longer the man you married”. I love him and made a promise that I will keep: “Til death do we part”. I am not in need of financial assistance, although teachers’ salaries are notoriously meager, because we have always lived quite frugally, but I would be grateful for prayers.

March 1, 2022

Reawakening America From Its Covid Trance

Patrick Coffin’s Interview with Clay Clark

Reawakening America From Its Covid Trance

Clay Clark is an unusually busy and unusually organized man attending to unusually important matters, like, inter alia, reawakening America from her Covid-indued trance.

Clark is the organizer and host of the General Flynn ReAwaken America Tour, the former “U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year” for the State of Oklahoma, and the host of the Thrivetime Show podcast, which has been number one overall on the iTunes business podcast charts six times. He joined me to talk about Protestant-Catholic-Jew-Atheist collaboration in the fight against evil, and to draw together many threads hiding in plain sight.

In this episode, you will learn

  • How to spot and connect the bright dots that have been hiding in plain sight about the massive deception known as Covid
  • Why linking arms with a wide array of allies is the only way to win this
  • Some interesting biblical insights about the mark of the beast of Rev 13
  • Why he launched the ReAwaken America Tour with General Flynn
  • When he knew the whole world was being lied to
  • How to stay hopeful and joyful in the midst of battle
  • What inspires him to stay hyper-focused during what he calls a time of war.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Every time you comply with unjust or stupid, useless dictates from government dictators, you become weaker, more manageable, and complicit in all of the deeds of those tyrants. Do not lie to or deceive others through your actions. You know that masks do nothing, but you prefer to seem like a good little citizen than act in a genuine, honest manner. Your appearance is a lie, yet you do it in front of your children and even make them lie along with you by forcing them to wear harmful masks so you can supposedly virtue-signal. Those of us who know and care about children despise your ignorance and spinelessness.

February 5, 2022

COVID lockdowns had ‘little to no effect’ on mortality rate, study says

February 5, 2022 (New York Post) Lockdowns had “little to no effect” on saving lives during the pandemic — and “should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy,” according to economists in a new meta-analysis of dozens of studies.

A group led by the head of Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics analyzed studies from the first surge of the pandemic to investigate widely pushed claims that stringent restrictions would limit deaths.

Instead, the meta-analysis concluded that lockdowns across the US and Europe had only “reduced COVID-19 mortality by 0.2% on average.”

Worse, some of the studies even suggested that limiting gatherings in safe outdoor spots may have been “counterproductive and increased” the death rate, the authors noted.

“While this meta-analysis concludes that lockdowns have had little to no public health effects, they have imposed enormous economic and social costs where they have been adopted,” the professors wrote in the journal Studies in Applied Economics.

A new study has found that sheltering in place had little effect on the spread of COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic.
A new study has found that sheltering in place had little effect on the spread of COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic.
Researchers wrote. "In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument."
Researchers wrote, “In consequence, lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

In fact, the early lockdowns “have had devastating effects,” the authors insisted.

“They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy,” the damning report insisted.

“Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument,” the authors said of the “ill-founded” measures.

The research was led by Steve Hanke, founder and co-director of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, along with a professor from Sweden and a special adviser at the Center for Political Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Lockdowns during the first COVID-19 wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID-19 mortality by .2% in the U.S. and Europe.
Lockdowns during the first COVID-19 wave in the spring of 2020 only reduced COVID-19 mortality by .2% in the US and Europe.
The Galerie Lafayette genera was shut down due to an outbreak of COVID-19 on March 18, 2022.
The Galerie Lafayette was shut down due to an outbreak of COVID-19 on March 18, 2022.

The team said it evaluated “any government mandate that directly restrict peoples’ possibilities, such as policies that limit internal movement, close schools and businesses, and ban international travel.”

For almost all of those divisive policies, they reported “no broad-based evidence of noticeable effects on COVID-19 mortality.”

In fact, some of the studies even suggested shelter-in-place orders even increased the threat of the contagion, forcing people to stay home with vulnerable family members.

A near empty street is seen at Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, during lockdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak on April 28, 2020.
A nearly empty street is seen at Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, during lockdown amid the COVID-19 outbreak on April 28, 2020.

The “unintended consequences” also included early measures that stopped people spending time in “safe (outdoor) places” and instead “pushing people to meet at less safe (indoor) places.”

The only measure that did reflect a positive outcome was closing non-essential businesses, which the team said showed a 10.6 percent reduction in mortality.

That was “likely to be related to the closure of bars,” they wrote.

Some officials stated that sheltering-in-place in fact prompted the virus to spread faster due to everyone being in the same place.
Some officials stated that sheltering in place in fact prompted the virus to spread faster due to everyone being in the same place.

The authors suggested that masks “may reduce” mortality, but noted the limited number of relevant studies to be able to draw firm conclusions.

The trio suggested that countries such as Sweden that stayed open fared well because citizens willingly took precautions without being ordered to do so.

“When a pandemic rages, people believe in social distancing regardless of what the government mandates,” the report noted.

He’s double vaxxed and boosted. It’s not a vaccine. It has no benefit; but, if you check out the VAERS website, you will see that it does do harm. Remember, VAERS represents only 1-10% of the side-effects and deaths of this RNA treatment because it relies on self-reporting by doctors and victims. As you look at the numbers, keep in mind that other vaccines are removed from the market if there are only a handful of side-effects and deaths, but not the one for COVID-19. The one for SARS-CoV-2 has over 100,000 red-flags. WHY?????

February 4, 2022

Tucker Carlson: Mask mandates are a debate about power, not about science

Click HERE to view video

Take your pick: Zombies, hypnotized, taught ignorance, useful idiots.

February 3, 2022

“Coronaviruses cause a brief (and poor) antibody response which does NOT allow the creation of effective vaccines

Dr. Massimo Citro’s Second Reply to Dr. Gwyneth A. Spaeder

Dear Dr. Spaeder,

Thank you for your reply. I have the highest esteem for you and for the world-famous institution from which you graduated, so I am sure that you will not be able to deny that coronaviruses cause a brief (and poor) antibody response (they may not even respond, sometimes) which does not allow the creation of effective vaccines against single-chain RNA viruses — for which failed attempts have been made in which the grave and frequent risks (Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, first of all) are superior to the benefits, that with these types of viruses you can never achieve the so-called herd immunity and that you should not vaccinate during the period of an epidemic, especially with these families of viruses, in order not to favor the mutations which flee from the vaccine as well as ADE and vaccine-resistance. 

Our common scientific preparation must make us recognize that these are gene-based vaccines and, as such, are subject to the regulations of GMO drugs. This must be made clear to the public, just as it must be made clear that, although they have obtained conditional authorization, they do not de facto lose the characteristic of experimentation (since there is not yet sufficient data to establish their efficacy and safety). These molecules are already used in various oncological and lung diseases (such as cystic fibrosis and so on) but it is the first time ever that they are being used as vaccines. Personally, I think that all compulsory vaccines, including vaccines used on children, in the military and those imposed for work reasons, constitute a violation of the ethical codes of individual freedom.

We come to what you call the crux of our disagreement the way we assign value to medical research and publications. As an independent researcher, I usually study mainly serious publications in serious journals, selecting studies not polluted by partisan sponsorships or conflicts of interest. There is a need to be very cautious and attentive because self-referential or partisan studies (which today, as you well know, unfortunately constitute the majority) lack credibility. I remind you of the “Lancet-Gate” scandal: On May 22, 2020, in two of the most prestigious scientific journals, The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine, two studies claimed to have analyzed more than 96,000 records of COVID-19 patients from more than 600 hospitals in the world to prove that hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin are not only useless but even dangerous.

The studies were withdrawn two weeks later because they were phony, completely invented (the obvious purpose was to withdraw hydroxychloroquine from consideration as an excellent drug during the first phase of infection), as even the directors of the two journals admitted. Richard Horton himself (editor of The Lancet) had acknowledged in 2015 that “half of the scientific literature could be false” while the well-known epidemiologist John Ioannidis already argued in 2005, “most of the published studies are false, and many experiments are not replicable.” So we must be very careful not to fall into the trap of “it is valid since it is published in an authoritative magazine.” I am also in favor of rigorous and intellectually serious scientific investigation, and that is why I only consider works that bear the words “no financing, no conflicts of interest.”

I only consider works that bear the words ‘no financing, no conflicts of interest.’GabTweet

For example, with regard to spike prefusion (which I also talk about in my book Apocalisse [Apocalypse] — in the process of publication), you cite the article by the esteemed cardiologist Glen Pyle[1], which criticizes numerous studies from which, through pseudoviruses, it is clear that the spike alone is able to seriously damage the endothelium, causing the deadly damage that we know.

Pyle argues that the vaccinal spike does not go into the circulation and therefore cannot damage the endothelium since “the vaccine remains largely contained near the injection site,” and he states this based on the Ols study[2], which, however, does not refer to SARS-CoV-2 but to HIV-1 — and he limits himself to arguing that “the intradermal administration of an mRNA vaccine (there is no mention of the vaccine for SARS-CoV-2) led to a more efficient activation of antigen-presenting cells at the injection site than intramuscular vaccination and was accompanied by transiently higher levels of vaccine-specific T cell responses and antibody concentrations.”

This does not mean that the spike does not go into the circulation. In addition, the Ols study is funded by the NIH (historical partner of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) and by IAVI (in turn funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation): conflicts of interest. Pyle reiterates that no significant amount of vaccine enters the circulation since the EMA has established this.

But what scientific credibility can an entity that is 84% funded by the pharmaceutical industry have? Pyle claims that this would happen thanks to the conformational change due to prefusion, and he does so by citing the article by Cross[3], which reports the claims of the two inventors of prefusion, but note that Barney S. Graham and Jason McLellan work with NIH, NIAID and Moderna and are entirely biased. There is no credible scientific validity in these claims. According to Pyle, the spike thus engineered would not be able to make the shape change necessary to bind effectively to cells and cites Corbett’s study[4], in which several different authors, including Graham himself, are inventors who have made patent applications for spike prefusion and for a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2: conflicts of interest.

But what scientific credibility can an entity that is 84% funded by the pharmaceutical industry have?GabTweet

In the end, Pyle quotes verbatim that “in addition to designing the spike protein so that it cannot be fully activated, the protein is labeled with an extra piece still called transmembrane” and is based on Polack’s well-known study[5] regarding the efficacy and safety of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, a study funded by Pfizer and BioNTech — zero credibility!

You will know that Derek Lowe has also tried to argue that the vaccine is drained from lymph and not from blood, but, unfortunately, Lowe has conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry, having worked for Bayer, Vertex, Schering-Plough and Novartis and is a columnist for the Royal Society of Chemistry, whose “editorial policies meet the guidelines established by major funders” — including Wellcome, Research England, NIH, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, HHMI, UKRI and the European Commission. There is no evidence that spike vaccines do not go into circulation and produce damage, so how can it be said with certainty that the spike produced is harmless and that the contrary thesis is unfounded?

In contrast, Charles Hoffe states that only 25% of the vaccine remains at the injection site, while the other 75% reaches the circulation via the lymphatic system, damages the endothelium and increases coagulation (increase in the D-dimer) in more than 60% of patients. Hoffe has been harshly attacked, including by a study done by Imperial College London (repeatedly funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), which has continually produced erroneous models of the epidemic. There is no evidence that the spike does not go into circulation; indeed, on the contrary, it has been seen that the spike vaccine circulates and is even conveyed by exosomes.[6]

In addition, C-terminal truncated and soluble spike variants spill into the lymphatic and blood circulation and tend to escape HLA (immune evasion syndrome) causing “serious side effects when they bind to endothelial cells that express ACE-2 in blood vessels, vaccine-induced COVID-19 mimicry syndrome.”[7]

The danger of these vaccines is beyond question.GabTweet

Similar incompletely translated proteins enter the lymphatic and blood circulation and are picked up by different receptors (which, over time, are increasing) also in the brain tissue (neuropilin-1 above all) being able to damage the vessels and the nervous system.[8] Truncated spikes can arrive in vivo to 26% of all those produced.[9] Spike vaccines circulate in our body, so much so that “mRNA vaccines cause inflammation of the endothelium (endotheliitis) and infiltration of T lymphocytes into the cardiac muscle.”[10]

Thus, spike vaccines are responsible for serious vaccine damage and adverse reactions, including the death of many of those who have been vaccinated. The danger of these vaccines is beyond question.

Sorry to contradict you, but it is not at all true that these vaccines prevent hospitalization and death. There is no evidence that they have saved lives, on the other hand, they have killed many. Since this infection is treatable, it does not require vaccines as long as it is treated immediately and well. It is not so extraordinary that I have avoided hospitalization for my patients. I am only a doctor, not a specialist. I treat them in the way I have learned from literature and experience and hundreds of doctors in Italy, and other European nations have done the same as me and with even better results than me.

COVID-19 does not evolve into the severe form if it is treated, immediately and well, within the first 48 hours. It is medicine based on evidence. People heal, this is a piece of factual data. The tens of thousands of deaths or serious injuries among those who have undergone these serums are also evidence, above all among young people. The ineffectiveness of the vaccine is demonstrated by the epidemic itself, which is more ferocious than last year when the vaccines were not present.

The ineffectiveness of the vaccine is demonstrated by the epidemic itself, which is more ferocious than last year when the vaccines were not present.GabTweet

The regime’s propaganda has made the president of France say that the unvaccinated minority of about 7 million people in a nation where more than 90% of the people are vaccinated is the cause of the large number of infected people, about 300,000 per day. But, if mathematics is not an opinion, if it were only the unvaccinated who infect, then the infection would have run out in less than a month. Instead, it is the vaccinated themselves who become infected and infect others. 

Quasispecies can also be induced by traditional vaccines (attenuated viruses), but in those used against SARS-CoV-2, engineered starting from a unique sequence for the spike, these variants are even more frequent, making vaccine effectiveness critical and favoring reinfections.[11]

Dear doctor, we are doctors; ours is a sacred role, and it has been so since ancient times, from Asclepius onwards. We must treat, reassure and protect our patients, and we must do so both in science and in conscience, without following the protocols written by the industry. If we are on the side of the patients, we cannot stand with the industry since the pharmaceutical industry does not want the good of others and certainly is not a sacred profession as that of the doctor must be.

Probably, each of us will remain in our positions. I am not interested in convincing anyone or in undermining the powerful financial oligarchic system that now rules everywhere. You will see that even this answer of mine will be accompanied by articles by some journalist who, not being able to argue about the contents, will invent nonsense concerning my person, confirming that they do not know how to make information but only propaganda.

Dear Dr. Spaeder, it has been a pleasure to discuss this issue with you, and I wish you all the best.

With esteem,

Massimo Citro, M.D.

Turin, 21 January 2022

[1] “COVID-19 Vaccines and Spike Proteins – COVID-19 Resources Canada”

[2] Route of Vaccine Administration Alters Antigen Trafficking but Not Innate or Adaptive Immunity, (Cell Rep. 30(12): 3964-71. 2020)

[3] “The tiny tweak behind COVID-19 vaccines” (Chem Eng News. 98(38)

[4] SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine design enabled by prototype pathogen preparedness. Nature. 586(7830): 567-571. 2020

[5] Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine

[6] Bansal S et al, Cutting Edge: Circulating Exosomes with COVID Spike Protein Are Induced by BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech) Vaccination prior to Development of Antibodies: A Novel Mechanism for Immune Activation by mRNA Vaccines J Immunol. 2021; 207(10):2405-10

[7] Kowarz, E. et al., Vaccine-Induced Covid-19 Mimicry” Syndrome: Splice reactions within the SARS-CoV-2 Spike open reading frame result in Spike protein variants that may cause thromboembolic events in patients immunized with vector-based vaccines

[8] Bolgan, L., COVID-19 – the vaccine, in

[9] D’Alessandro A, High rate of SARS-CoV-2 nonsense spike genomes coding for prematurely truncated proteins. arXiv:2105.10074[q-bio. GN

[10] Gundry S, Observational Findings of PULS Cardiac Test Findings for Inflammatory Markers in Patients Receiving mRNA Vaccines. Circulation, 2021; 144: A10712

[11] Bolgan L., COVID-19 – the vaccine, in

Read the first refutation by Dr. Citro Della Riva.

All the work done by Dr Martin Luther King is being wiped out and even despised by the globalist elites, Demon-crats and the ignorant among us.

February 2, 2022

American Truckers Plan ‘Convoy To DC’ To Protest Vaccine Mandates

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) February 1, 2022

I have lost all respect for most people. Ignorance is curable. Just do your own damn research and don’t believe anyone who benefits in power or money, especially network news like CBS, ABC, NBC, or cable news like CNN, MSNBC, and especially NOT Fauci or any Demon-crat! It’s time to split these “United” States of America in half!


Click HERE to view video by Dave Cullen

January 24, 2022

‘Every time you comply, you get weaker!’

RFK Jr. gives electrifying speech at ‘Defeat The Mandates’ rally in D.C.

Click HERE to listen to his speech on Rumble.



January 20, 2022

We Want To Be Free

Free to work
Free to travel
Free to learn
Free to question
Free to speak
Free to pray
Free to say no

Please arrive at the Washington Monument by 10:30am.  We start marching together to the Lincoln Memorial (approximately 1 mile) at 11:30am. At 12:30pm a wide range of featured guests will be waiting. Recording artists, prominent doctors, journalists, pro athletes, actors and premier thought leaders will give a series of inspiring talks and musical performances.

War Memorials – Moments of Silence & Prayer:
Participants are encouraged to pause near the War Memorials along the route to remember those who have sacrificed lives and loved ones so that America might be free.

At noon, along the march route from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial, brief remarks by the Task Force co-chairs will be followed by prayer led by Save the Persecuted Christians.

January 17, 2022

Canadian Covid Care Alliance 

Published December 16, 2021

Canadian Covid Care Alliance: “Pfizer injections do more harm than good”

BREAKING VIDEO (Click link above): Pfizer’s own 6 month report data on its COVID-19 inoculation shows that greater illness and death in the inoculation arm than the placebo arm. Plus, poor trial design, missing data, underpowered studies, passive surveillance and more.

For the PDF of this presentation visit:

January 14, 2022

Schools shouldn’t mandate ‘most dangerous vaccines in human history’

As schools weigh COVID vaccine mandates for children as young as 5 years old, former Pfizer exec warns injections ‘are toxic by design’ and it seems obvious ‘criminal acts are being committed.’

Jan 14, 2022 (Children’s Health Defense) – In late October and early November, the self-serving members of two committees advising the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) without a second thought endorsed experimental COVID vaccines for children as young as 5 years old.

Ignoring the 99.995% COVID survival rate for those age 17 and under, the 31 pharma-servile “experts” also appeared unconcerned by reams of damning data about COVID-vaccine-related disabilities and fatalities already occurring in the 12–17 age group — unnecessary tragedies being acknowledged that very instant in a panel discussion convened by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).

Predictably, adverse event data and urgent frontline healthcare provider testimony began pouring in almost immediately after the FDA-CDC go-ahead, with 5- to 11-year-olds experiencing the same kinds of “terrifying” vaccine reactions as adolescents — including blood clots, strokes and other brain and heart problems previously almost unheard-of in young people.

In the lead-up to the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization of experimental COVID jabs for younger children, state politicians and municipal school districts also started to grease the skids to mandate COVID injections for in-person school attendance.

To date, the number of states and school systems announcing or adopting coercive plans, either for K-12 students or students ages 12 or 16 and up, is still small. However, the symbolic weight of the “early adopters” is significant.

These include states like California and Louisiana (and soon New York); major cities like Washington, D.C. (and probably New York City); and large school districts such as those in Oakland, California, and Los Angeles.

In addition, the New York City and Washington, D.C. school districts, and some or all districts in California, Hawaii and Maryland, require students involved in sports and other extracurricular activities to get jabbed.

In what sounds like good news, the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) confirmed 17 states — Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah — have enacted laws or issued executive orders that ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates for students.

However, most of the bans are limited to certain circumstances, with some applying only to higher education and some only to vaccines authorized under emergency use — meaning the ban would not apply to COVID vaccines that in the future gain full FDA approval for children.

Most dangerous ever

For decades, vaccines have been wreaking havoc on children’s health. For instance, consider the following:

So, when observers familiar with COVID injection data pronounce them “the most dangerous vaccines in human history,” that is saying something.

Dr. Joseph Mercola warned the COVID jabs are setting up children for “potentially lifelong health problems,” including serious heart problems resulting from myocarditis. As he wrote in early January:

“[T]he recent push to inject children with a genetic experiment may be one of the worst public health offenses perpetrated on a population of people who are unable to speak for themselves, do not have a legal voice and depend on adults to protect them.”

California ‘leads’

California spent the past half-dozen years systematically eliminating personal-belief vaccine exemptions and gutting medical exemptions.

Not content with those assaults on health freedom, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced in early October — apparently reading the minds, weeks in advance, of the FDA and CDC committee members who subsequently rubber-stamped the COVID shots for 5- to 11-year-olds — that his state would impose a K-12 mandate in both public and private schools, making California the first state to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for in-person school attendance.

The mandate hinges on the vaccines “receiving full licensure from the FDA for children,” which the state expects in July 2022.

Seeking to normalize his COVID mandate, Newsom compared it to the existing school requirements for measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination.

However, in light of the strong, statistically significant relationship between MMR vaccines and autism — and given California’s status as the state with the highest autism prevalence — Newsom’s comparison is scarcely reassuring.

Louisiana ignores

In mid-December, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards added COVID vaccines to the list of required school shots, overturning a bipartisan vote against such a mandate by the state’s House Health and Welfare Committee.

The push for the mandate originated with the Louisiana Department of Health. The House Health Committee then voted 13-2 to reject the department’s recommendation, stating that COVID vaccination “should be the parents’ decision,” a common-sense view shared by legislators and parents around the nation.

However, the governor vetoed the committee vote — and the wishes of citizens who packed the committee meeting to protest mandates — dismissively characterizing their objections as “overheated rhetoric.”

Louisiana’s governor and health officials also ignored remarks delivered at the health committee hearing by experienced Louisiana nurse Collette Martin, R.N. Martin provided testimony about serious adverse reactions in children and their widespread underreporting. She told the committee:

“We are not just seeing severe acute reactions with this vaccine, but we have zero idea what any long-term reactions are. Cancers, autoimmune [disorders], infertility. We just don’t know.”

Louisiana’s mandate, which goes into effect in fall 2022, currently applies only to students ages 16 and up, “but could expand as the vaccines get the highest level of approval” from the FDA.

School districts (try to) impose

In early January, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki asserted that decisions on school vaccine mandates “are up to local school districts.”

However, the U.S. Department of Education has been working with school districts, Psaki said, “to provide resources, connect school officials with testing providers, and set up vaccine clinics….”

Last September, Maryland’s health secretary disingenuously made similar comments, telling the press that the state prefers “not to be intentionally overbearing” or “interventionist” and instead encourages school systems “to take the lead in their individual jurisdictions.”

In California, school board members in several large school districts showed, as early as September, they were willing to “take the lead” in imposing mandates for in-person instruction.

The plans of school boards in Los Angeles (the nation’s second-largest school district), Oakland and San Diego have been undermined, however, by the large number of unvaccinated students and other apparently unforeseen pitfalls.

The Los Angeles school district, for example, pushed back its initial Jan. 10 deadline to the fall of 2022, because tens of thousands of uninjected students would have “overwhelmed the district’s independent study program.”

L.A. students ages 12 and up are supposed to upload proof of vaccination into a “Daily Pass” system. The L.A. district already requires students to undergo weekly testing (regardless of vaccination status) and subjects them to other measures such as “daily health checks,” masking and contact tracing and isolation of cases.

Three out of ten students failed to show up on the first day of school following winter break, “having tested positive for the coronavirus.”

Oakland’s school district will not enforce its mandate until Jan. 31, a month later than originally planned. When the school board voted (5-1-1) in favor of mandating COVID shots for in-person instruction for students 12 and up, it apparently did not bargain on nearly two-fifths of students in that age group (38%) remaining unvaccinated.

Casting the lone “no” vote, Oakland school board member Mike Hutchinson stated, “I don’t think we should be rolling out at midnight on a not very publicized meeting, talking about mandatory vaccinations when there’s nothing wrong with taking our due time to deliberate to make sure that we get it right.”

In December, however, Hutchinson indicated he would be comfortable deferring to the state-level mandate.

In late December in San Diego, a judge struck down the school district’s COVID vaccine mandate for students 16 and older, arguing the state legislature has not given individual school districts the authority to mandate vaccines for school attendance.

Not timid

An Oakland pediatrician who egged on her city’s school board to vote in favor of COVID mandates argued last fall, “This is not the time for timidity.”

However, as evidence accumulates about the injections’ outsized risks for children, it seems increasingly clear that a number of so-called public servants do not have a problem with timidity, having shown themselves perfectly willing to harm — and kill — children.

For former Pfizer executive Dr. Mike Yeadon, who has argued for months that the COVID injections “are toxic by design” and “were always going to harm people,” it seems obvious “criminal acts are being committed.”

Now is the time to push back against criminality and coercion — including COVID vaccine mandates and “vaccine passports” — in whatever ways we can. Our children’s lives, and our own lives, depend on it.

January 13, 2022

COVID Fatality Rates per Age Groups

There are several observations worth noting. First, as we have long known, people of college age and younger are very unlikely to die. The 5-9 and 10-14 age groups are the least likely to die. (Note that an IFR of 0.001% means that one person in that age group will die for every 100,000 infected.) The 0-4 and 15-19 age groups are three times likelier to die than the 5-9 and 10-14 age groups, but the risk is still exceedingly small at 0.003% (or 3 deaths for every 100,000 infected).
Second, the IFR slowly increases with age through the 60-64 age group. But after that, beginning with the 65-69 age group, the IFR rises sharply. This group has an overall IFR just over 1% (or 1 death for every 100 infected). That’s a fairly major risk of death. (The red line in the chart marks where the “1% threshold” is crossed.) The IFR then grows substantially and becomes quite scary for people in their 70s and older. People in the 75-79 age group have more than a 3% chance of dying if infected with coronavirus, while people aged 80 and over have more than an 8% chance of dying. That’s roughly the same chance as rolling a four with two dice.
Third, the virus discriminates. Beginning with the 20-24 age group, men are about twice as likely to die as women from COVID. This pattern remains in each age group through 80+.
With this data, let’s hope that public health officials and policymakers can craft smart guidelines in regard to what parts of society should be locked down and how vaccines should be allocated.
Source: O’Driscoll, M. et al. “Age-specific mortality and immunity patterns of SARS-CoV-2.” Nature. DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-2918-0 (2020).

January 11, 2022

Study: Reported adverse reactions to COVID vaccines 18 times higher than other jabs

Tue Jan 11, 2022 – 4:10 pm EST LANGEN, Germany (LifeSiteNews) — A newly published report in Germany shows that the number of suspected adverse event cases reported in connection with COVID vaccines in that country last year is 18 times higher than the total number of adverse event cases for all other vaccines used in Germany since the year 2000 combined.

The report published last month by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), an agency of the German Federal Ministry of Health, contains alarming figures that were analyzed by German news agency in an article  published on its website last week.

The data shows that in the past 11 months, between December 27, 2020 and November 30, 2021, a total of 196,974 suspected adverse reactions were reported in relation to COVID vaccines.  According to the PEI, 123.3 million doses of COVID vaccines were administered in Germany during that period.

By comparison, in the 20 years preceding the launch of the COVID-19 vaccines, from January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2020, the PEI registered a total 54,488 adverse reactions from all vaccine doses administered in Germany over these two decades. The total number of doses administered during that period is 625.5 million (stemming from 400 different vaccines).

Notwithstanding the total number of doses administered, the number of suspected adverse events from the COVID-19 vaccines over a one-year period is already four times higher than for all other vaccines combined that were administered over a 20-year period.

But the reality is even more concerning than that.

In its analysis of the data published by the PEI, noted that the German health agency does not provide an accurate picture of the high proportion of suspected adverse events in relation to COVID vaccines, as it fails to also take into account the relatively small number of doses of COVID vaccines administered in relation to all other vaccines in the past 20 years.

The total number of vaccine doses administered over the 20-year period preceding the use of COVID vaccines is almost five times higher than the number of COVID vaccine doses that have been administered in the past 11  months, and yet “only” 54.488 suspected adverse events were reported during that 20-year period compared with 196.974 for COVID vaccines. 

This is equivalent to 1.597 cases per 1000.000 doses administered for COVID vaccines over one year, as opposed to 87 cases per 1000.000 doses administered for all other vaccines over 20 years.

This means that the number of suspected cases of adverse events is 18 times higher for COVID vaccines than for all other vaccines combined in the past two decades so far.

In addition, still using data from the PEI report, applied the same principle to cases of suspected deaths in connection to COVID vaccines and found that the number of deaths is 21 times higher for COVID vaccines compared with all other vaccines combined, with 15 reported deaths per 1000.000 doses for COVID vaccines, as opposed to 0,73 per 1000.000 doses for all other vaccines, keeping in mind that these figures come from death cases that have been reported. Some experts say cases of death in relation to COVID vaccines are still wildly underestimated, especially in Germany, due to a flawed reporting system.

Meanwhile, Stefan Homburg, a German professor of economics, has used data from the Federal Statistical Office of Germany in a tweet, showing that the number of deaths in Germany for the year 2021 has increased by 43,000 compared with 2020.

According to Homburg, this sharp increase in mortality cannot be explained by mere demographic factors and is proof that COVID jabs do not help reducing deaths.

January 10, 2022

The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids

January 9, 2022 (Mercola)


  • The reason our children are being targeted by COVID mandates is because vaccine makers want to get the shots onto the childhood vaccination schedule
  • Once a vaccine is added to the childhood schedule, the vaccine maker is shielded from financial liability for injuries, unless the manufacturer knows about vaccine safety issues and withholds that information
  • Products must satisfy four criteria in order to get emergency use authorization: There must be an emergency; a vaccine must be at least 30% to 50% effective; the known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product; and there can be no adequate, approved and available alternative treatments (drugs or vaccines). Unless all four criteria are met, EUA cannot be granted or maintained
  • According to a U.S. federal court decision, the Pfizer shot and BioNTech’s Comirnaty are not interchangeable
  • Comirnaty is not fully approved and licensed. It’s only “ready for approval.” Comirnaty is licensed to be manufactured, introduced into state commerce and marketed, but it’s not licensed to be given to anyone, and it’s not yet available in the United States. They’re waiting for it to be added to the childhood vaccination schedule, to get the liability shield

In this interview, Alix Mayer explains why our children are being so aggressively targeted for the COVID-19 injection even though they’re not at risk of serious SARS-CoV-2 infection, and clarifies the status of Comirnaty.

Mayer, board president of Children’s Health Defense — California Chapter, is herself vaccine injured; not from the COVID jab, but from a series of vaccines she received 20 years ago. (Incidentally, Mayer grew up in the Oscar Mayer family in the 5th generation descended from the original Oscar Mayer, a German immigrant who started as a butcher boy. Despite Mayer’s vaccine injury, her family does not share her views on vaccine safety issues.)

Mayer graduated from Duke University with a BA and from Northwestern University with an MBA in finance and management strategy. She worked for Apple in the mid-1990s. When she was 29, Apple promoted her to acting manager of worldwide customer research.

In preparation for a family trip to Bali, her doctor recommended getting six vaccines: hepatitis A vaccine, hepatitis B vaccine, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and oral typhoid, which she did. Eventually, 13 years later, she finally realized it was these shots that triggered her health problems.

“They gave me brain damage and total disability,” she says. “I spent three years in my early 30s being 80% housebound, and I really I didn’t know if I was ever going to get better.

I went through a whole bunch of diagnoses: lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease. Ultimately, none of those made sense and none of the treatments made me any better, until we put the pieces together and figured out that I was actually vaccine injured.

It’s literally just a cause and effect. If you look back at my history and lay out my vaccine schedule, you can see that my health declined two weeks after I got the vaccines.

I had encephalitis and encephalopathy … digestive issues, hypersomnia — sleeping 16 hours a day — flu-like symptoms, a 24/7 migraine, joint pain. I really had no life at all in my early 30s until I went on a gluten-free diet. That started my health recovery.

I then became an award-winning medical journalist with a bunch of different blogs, and then a health consultant. In 2018, I retired from all that and joined Children’s Health Defense.”

The COVID Jab Tragedy

While many vaccines have a questionable safety profile, especially when combined, data from the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) suggest there’s never been a vaccine as dangerous as the experimental mRNA gene transfer injections for COVID.

What’s more, while lack of transparency and accountability has been a chronic problem within the vaccine industry, the obvious hazards associated with vaccines are really being highlighted by the COVID jabs.

Many now know of someone who has been injured by the COVID jab, and most were injured so shortly after the shot that it’s hard to deny a correlation. The staggering number of injuries reported among adults who have received the COVID shot in turn highlights the insanity of rolling it out to young children.

According to Mayer, the reason they’re trying to mandate the COVID shot for children is to evade liability for injuries, because once a vaccine is on the childhood vaccination schedule, vaccine makers have immunity against lawsuits for injuries.

Vaccine Makers Want Zero Liability

The COVID shots currently have legal immunity against liability because they’re still under emergency use authorization (EUA). If you think BioNTech’s Comirnaty has been fully licensed, you’d be mistaken. Mayer explains:

“I put together a slide deck about Emergency Use Authorization (which you can see in the video interview) because there is so much confusion over this and what’s really going on. Once you understand the genesis of EUA and the standards they have to meet in order to keep these products on the market, then you understand the behaviors [we’re now seeing].

They’re falling all over themselves to protect the EUAs for these products and also introduce other very confusing kinds of approval to get away with stuff. So, let me just start to clarify it right now.

This presentation is all about these three strangleholds that the vaccine makers and our government are never going to let go of … These are the things they’re guarding with their lives.

First of all, they need to guard the emergency … so they cannot have any early treatments. Those cannot exist. They’re also going for full liability protection, and children will be used as pawns to get them full liability protection.

Vaccine makers love EUA products because they have this huge liability shield. If you’re injured by an EUA vaccine, you can’t sue the manufacturer, you can’t sue the person who gave it to you, you can’t sue the institution where you got the shot.

You have to go through something called the CICP, the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program, where they’ll only cover unpaid medical expenses, and probably only for pharmaceuticals and lost wages.

Now, if you’re vaccine injured, let me tell you right now, you are not going to be using pharmaceuticals because they do not work for vaccine injury. They will make you sicker. You’ll be on two dozen pharmaceuticals before you know it and you’re going to be sick from those. They do not work. The only thing that’s going to get you better if you’re vaccine injured is natural treatments …

That’s the kind of treatment you’re going to need, and that’s not even covered, even if you were to get compensation. Everybody I know with chronic illness, whether it’s a child or an adult who has chronic fatigue syndrome, vaccine injury, Lyme disease, they’re paying $50,000 out of pocket per year.

If you can’t work and you have to pay for your treatment out of pocket, I don’t know how you ever get by. People suffer like crazy, they lose homes, they go into bankruptcy.”

Since its inception, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which pays for injuries caused by vaccines on the childhood vaccination schedule, has paid out about one-third of claims. It’s a long, arduous process that oftentimes takes years and in the end rarely provides adequate compensation.

“If you do end up getting compensation … they don’t pay it out in one lump sum, they pay it out year by year, and they pretty much hope that whoever is injured is actually going to die of their injuries before they get compensated.

That’s been said to me a bunch of times by people who’ve been through this horrible process. Now, the CICP has only compensated 3% of claims. And so far, there have been no approvals for [compensation] for COVID shot injuries,” Mayer says. [Editor’s note: The first COVID case was recently determined “eligible” for compensation, but the case has not yet been adjudicated.1]

Stages of Liability: EUA

In her slide show, Mayer reviews each of the stages of product liability, and whether the mRNA shots can be mandated. As mentioned, vaccine makers have no liability as long as their product is under EUA, as the product is investigational.

“Investigational is a synonym for experimental,” Mayer says. “And the word experimental ties it directly into the Nuremberg Code, which says that we cannot be experimented on [without consent]. We always have the right to accept or refuse a medical treatment.

[The Nuremberg Code] is not a law, but it’s a code under which the whole world is supposed to be operating by. And it is actually codified into some local and federal laws as well … So, what everybody needs to know is that coercion and duress are considered de facto mandates and illegal. De facto means that it’s basically the same as an outright mandate.

It’s illegal medical segregation, medical apartheid [because that is a form of coercion or duress.] So, if you go to a restaurant and they demand your vaccine passport, only let you eat outside, and they might not let you use the bathroom, that’s medical segregation.

That is illegal and I do not support businesses that do that and you shouldn’t either. Any access privileges that are different between the vaccinated and unvaccinated are illegal, and any visual indication of vaccine status like a sticker or a bracelet … that’s also illegal because that creates segregation and medical apartheid, [since they are all forms of coercion or duress.]”

Importantly, mass violation of the law does not make something legal.

“If we all drove 100 miles an hour on Interstate 80, would we watch the speed limit signs suddenly changed to 100 miles per hour? No, it’s not going to happen. Mass violation of the law has never made anything legal. And just because schools and businesses and our government are mandating these shots, it doesn’t make it legal. It’s all illegal …

Now, they know full well that it’s illegal to mandate these [COVID shots]. President Biden knows it’s illegal. But what they’re counting on is that the court cases overturning their illegal mandates will take a while, and in that interim, people are going to be scared enough to get the shots. And unfortunately, it’s worked.”

Stages of Liability: Full Licensure and Childhood Scheduling

The next stage is full licensure (FDA approval). Once a product is fully licensed, the company becomes liable for injuries. At that point, the product can be legally mandated. Of course, knowing how dangerous the COVID shots are, no manufacturer wants to be financially liable for injuries. They’d be sued out of business.

This is the holy grail if you’re a manufacturer of a COVID vaccine right now. You want it to be fully licensed, but not put on the market until you get it on the children’s schedule. ~ Alix Mayer

To get immunity against liability again, the vaccine manufacturers need to get their product onto the childhood vaccination schedule. This will also allow government to mandate the shots. As noted by Mayer:

“This is the holy grail if you’re a vaccine manufacturer of a COVID vaccine right now. You want it to be fully licensed, but not put it on the market until you get it on the children’s schedule.”

DOJ Redefines Medical ‘Consequence’

In Doe v. Rumsfeld,2 the court held that service members could refuse an EUA product without punitive consequences such as dishonorable discharge or other punishments. Therefore, there were no consequences to refusing an EUA product, other than the natural consequence of possibly getting the disease.

However, in July 2021, the U.S. Department of Justice attempted to redefine the term “consequences” just for the COVID shot, to suggest that punitive consequences, like job loss or being separated from your working or learning location, are legal when a person refuses an EUA vaccine.

“But this type of consequence, a punitive consequence, has never been adjudicated,” Mayer says. “That’s not in any law. This is just an opinion from the DOJ. And it absolutely means nothing, except it came from our DOJ, so people give it a lot of authority.

They also stated twice — and this is so hard to understand because it’s just beyond reason — that the right to accept or refuse an EUA product is ‘purely informational.’

Literally, you can read that you could die by taking it, but it’s purely informational. You cannot act on it. That’s what the DOJ says. Again, it’s not adjudicated, so it doesn’t mean anything. It’s an opinion. It holds no legal weight at all. So, as we said before, these mandates are starting to be overturned.”

Four Standards for EUA

There are four standards that must be fulfilled for an EUA. If any of these criteria are not met, EUA cannot be granted or maintained. First, the secretary of Health and Human Services has to declare and maintain a state of emergency. If the emergency were to go away, all EUA products would have to come off the market. And that doesn’t just mean vaccines. It also includes the PCR tests and even surgical masks.

The second standard is evidence of effectiveness. Historically, vaccines had to show a 70% or greater effectiveness, as measured by a fourfold increase in antibody levels, in order to qualify. For an EUA vaccine, the efficacy threshold is only 30% to 50%. In another departure from prior vaccine approvals, the COVID vaccine clinical trials relied on the RT-PCR test, not antibodies, to demonstrate effectiveness in the small “challenge phase” of the trials.

Now, you probably heard that the Pfizer shot was 95% effective when it first rolled out, but that was relative risk reduction, not absolute risk reduction. Confounding these two parameters is a common strategy used to make a product sound far better than it actually is. The absolute risk reduction for Pfizer’s shot was just 0.84%.3

For example, if a study divided people into two groups of 1,000 and two people in the group who didn’t get a fictional vaccine got infected, while only one in the vaccinated group got infected, the relative risk reduction would be reported as 100%. In terms of absolute risk reduction, the fictional vaccine only prevented 1 in 1,000 from getting the infection — a very poor absolute risk reduction.

The take-home message here is that even though the minimal threshold for effectiveness is ludicrously low, in terms of absolute risk reduction, these shots still don’t measure up. Within six months, even the relative risk reduction bottoms out at zero. What’s more, there’s evidence that the clinical trials were manipulated as well.

“I remember an analysis very early in lockdowns [that showed] if you added back all the probable cases of COVID to the clinical trial [data], the effectiveness went from 90% to between 19% and 29%,”4 Mayer says.

The third standard is that the known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product. In the case of COVID shots, there’s overwhelming evidence showing they do more harm than good.

The fourth and last standard that must be met is there can be no adequate, approved and available alternative treatments (drugs or vaccines). “This is why hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were quashed,” Mayer says. This is also another reason Comirnaty is not treated as a fully approved product in the U.S., because if it were, then all the other COVID shots that are under EUA would have to be removed from the market.

“This is a four-legged stool,” Mayer says. “If any one of these legs goes away, you have to take your EUA products off the market … by law. I put [state of] emergency and [treatment] alternatives in red, because those are two of the things that they have a stranglehold on; those are things they are guarding like crazy.

This means that every variant that comes out, they have to make it sound super scary to keep the emergency going. So, the variants serve a purpose. You have to think about these variants in the context of this crime, where they have to keep the emergency going to keep their products on the market.

You would think this emergency would stop maybe when we get to herd immunity, maybe if we get 90% vaccination uptake, maybe COVID is just going to go away, like smallpox did in the early 1900s [even though] only 5% of people were vaccinated. [But it won’t] go away [until] the shots get full approval and the manufacturers get a full liability shield.”

Comirnaty’s Quasi Approval

With regard to Comirnaty, is it or is it not fully approved and licensed? The answer is more complex than a simple yes or no. Mayer explains:

“Comirnaty’s quasi approval is just for BioNTech. It doesn’t have to do with Pfizer, and this is why I’m doing this presentation because I’m going to explain what’s going on with that.

This is the race to get liability protection. Remember, that’s the other stranglehold that they want. They really want to get this liability protection. Once the COVID shots are fully approved, the manufacturer has full liability.

There’s all this confusion about Comirnaty. Was it fully approved? Is it on the market? Is it interchangeable with the Pfizer shot? And does it make the COVID shot mandate legal? It’s all the same answer. No, no, no, no.

The FDA issued an intentionally confusing biological license application approval for Comirnaty. It was an unprecedented approval to both license the Comirnaty shot, saying it’s ‘interchangeable’ with the Pfizer shot. But they also said it’s ‘legally distinct.’

In that same approval, they retain the vaccine’s liability shield by designating it EUA as well. They want it to be fully approved, but they want the liability protection, so they did this BS dual approval.

So, [Comirnaty] is licensed to be manufactured, introduced into state commerce and marketed, but it’s not licensed to be given to anyone, and it’s not available in the United States. It’s available in the U.K., New Zealand and other places, but it is not available in the United States because they’re really scared of liability.

Now, are you ready for this one? The BLA actually states that Comirnaty is only ‘ready for approval.’5 It doesn’t say it’s approved anywhere in the document. And they buried this language in a pediatric section to confuse people even more.

Here’s what they said; ‘We’re deferring submission of your pediatric studies for ages younger than 16. For this application, because this product is ready for approval for use in individuals 16 years of age and older, as pediatric studies for younger ages have not been completed.’

Why did they do this? Sixteen is a very important number. You would think the age break would be 18. That’s a very typical age break for everything else that we do in this country. Why 16?

The reason they did 16 is because 16- and 17-year-olds are still on the children’s vaccination schedule. And then the manufacturer gets full liability protection. That’s why this is ready to be approved for 16 and up, not 18 and up.”

Comirnaty Is Not Fully Licensed

This confusion is clearly intentional. On the one hand, the FDA claims Comirnaty is interchangeable with the Pfizer shot, yet it’s also legally distinct. Courts have had to weigh in on the matter, and a federal judge recently rejected the DoD claim that the two shots are interchangeable. They’re not interchangeable. That means Comirnaty vaccine is still EUA. It doesn’t have full approval and it’s not on the market.

“Military members involved in lawsuits are challenging the military’s COVID vaccine mandate. They filed an amended complaint seeking a new injunction after the judge last month rejected the assertion that the Pfizer COVID shot and BioNTech’s Comirnaty are interchangeable. So, we’re still hammering on this legally, but a court has ruled that they’re not interchangeable.

[Editor’s note: This information is accurate at the time of the interview, but legal challenges are ongoing and courts may issue new rulings. December 22, 2021, the U.S. Supreme Court announced6 it has slated January 7, 2022, to hear arguments challenging Biden’s vaccine and testing mandates.]

So, how do we know that Comirnaty is not being treated as fully approved? First, the approval states you have the right to accept or refuse the product. That means it’s an EUA. Second, it’s not available in the U.S. because Comirnaty doesn’t have liability protection. Third, if it were available, it’s an alternative [treatment] and all other EUA shots would have to come off the market.

No. 4, the CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) would have to recommend it for ages 16 to 18 and the CDC would have added it to the children’s recommended schedule. That’s how we know it’s not fully approved and on the market.

Here is the label for Comirnaty. It says it’s emergency use authorization. It doesn’t say it’s fully approved, because it’s not. But look at the safety information they are recognizing: Myocarditis and pericarditis have occurred in some people who’ve received the vaccine, more commonly in males under 40 years of age than among females and older males.

So, this is saying that young men are getting heart inflammation. And what we know from all the anecdotal reports is 300 athletes have died or collapsed on the field, and children in schools have died of heart attacks. That’s what’s going on here.

And the reason they have to declare this is because they know it. They know it’s happening. And the only way they can be sued is if they know there’s a problem with their vaccine and they don’t declare it. So, they declare it here, in very mild language as if it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s a very big deal. Young people are dying [from the shots] who have a 99.9973% chance of recovering from COVID …

The holy grail is to get the shot on the CDC recommended schedule for children, because then it gets full liability protection according to the 1986 Act. This is why they’re going after our children when they have a 99.9973% recovery rate …

Every medical intervention is a risk benefit equation, and it doesn’t calculate for kids at all. They should never be getting COVID shots. The shots don’t prevent transmission. They don’t prevent cases. They don’t prevent hospitalization or death.”

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January 7, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, there’s still no FDA-approved COVID jab in the US (Scroll down to below cartoon for article)

The decision for parents to homeschool their children is now an obvious one with the onslaught of anti-family, anti-Christian agendas and useless, even harmful, masks and vaccines being forced on students at both public and private schools.

(Click below for video)

Debunking the myths of homeschooling: The joys of learning with family

Contrary to popular belief, there’s still no FDA-approved COVID jab in the US

Thu Jan 6, 2022 (The Dossier) – I fact checked the fact checkers and couldn’t believe what I found. Despite the corporate press, Big Pharma, and the federal government telling us otherwise, it is absolutely true that there is no FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine available in the United States today. And there are no plans to make one available any time soon.

I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s 100% true. And this reality hints at an incredible scandal within both Big Pharma and the U.S. Public Health bureaucracy.

On August 23, the FDA granted full approval for a COVID-19 vaccine to Pfizer-BioNtech for a specific product sold under the brand name Comirnaty. The landmark moment — the “full approval” endorsement from the FDA — was heralded by the Biden Administration and countless states, and quickly leveraged to coerce millions into taking the shots. This product, Comirnaty, was fully authorized for the “prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older.”

Yet Comirnaty itself has never made its way into the United States. The fully-approved version is nowhere to be found within our borders.

A separate product, which remains under emergency use authorization (EUA), is the only “Pfizer shot” available in the United States.

Early on, Pfizer and its government allies seemed to have a reasonable explanation for this issue. They claimed that Comirnaty was not yet available because the EUA shots were still lining the shelves, and claimed that the FDA-approved version would be available to all soon.

Now, it’s been over 4 months since full approval, and Comirnaty is still not being distributed.

The FDA has recognized Comirnaty as a “legally distinct” product with “certain differences,” but claims it does not impact safety or effectiveness of the shots. “Fact checkers” leverage the latter point of safety and efficacy to claim that people are still getting access to ingredients akin to the fully approved product.

But here’s the issue: they have yet to explain why people still can’t get Comirnaty, now 128 days after full approval. [Originally written December 29, 2021]

And if it is the case that the two products are the exact same thing, the FDA has not explained why they only approved a distinct product named Comirnaty, and not the injection currently being sold under the EUA label. Why won’t the FDA approve the EUA product?

The CDC continues to confirm that Comirnaty is “not orderable at this time.” Moreover, the CDC currently states that “Pfizer does not plan to produce any product with these NDCs (National Drug Codes) and labels over the next few months while EUA authorized product is still available and being made available for U.S. distribution.”

CDC website

Now, back to the trillion dollar EUA question.

Is Pfizer refusing to make the fully authorized version available, while continuing to sell an EUA product because doing so could open up Pfizer and BioNTech to legal liability issues?

Pfizer and an HHS spokesperson talked to The Washington Post in a previous “fact check,” and claimed that there’s no additional legal immunity benefits between the EUA product and Comirnaty. However, these entities have never explained why Pfizer and the federal government would go through the trouble of recognizing two legally distinct products.

An EUA fully protects the drugmaker and grants zero legal recourse to the patient. This surefire protection measure was bolstered by the PREP act and other measures implemented to shield COVID companies from liability.

Now, here’s where it all gets very nefarious.

Due to a law passed during the Reagan Administration, in order for drug makers to be granted more robust legal liability protection for their vaccines, they must first secure full approval for the children’s version of their shot. Steve Kirsch has explained this at length last month on his Substack. Additionally, Robert Kennedy Jr mentioned it on a recent podcast with Mikhaila Peterson. I looked into these claims extensively, and they appear accurate. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), which was passed into law in 1986, provides a legal liability shield to drug manufacturers if they receive full authorization for all ages.

Is Pfizer seeking approval for children so that it can protect itself from lawsuits? The company is working with regulators, even clandestinely altering vaccine ingredients (a process that should require them to get full approval for an entirely separate product), in a seeming bid to clear the path to legal indemnity.

Pfizer has been enabled to change formulations on no publicly available data

New – “Gray Cap” 12+ vax w/Tris (never trialed in any age for the Pfizer 💉)

Public 5-11 yos are 1st to receive Tris formulation, clinical trial was PBS.

FDA memo unclear on Comirnaty or BNT162b2

— Jean Rees (@JeanRees10) December 29, 2021

Surely, there’s also a monetary incentive in play, but maybe there’s another reason why Pfizer, Moderna, and others are working relentlessly to authorize their products for children, who face near-zero risk from COVID-19, but continue to showcase alarming side effects from the vaccine. A vaccine on the children’s schedule provides a definitive, government-incentivized liability boost.

New Hong Kong study finds a 1-in-3000 adolescents developed myocarditis following vaccination

“There is a significant increase in the risk of acute myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose.”

— Chief Nerd (@TheChiefNerd) December 27, 2021

once-healthy 12 yr old Maddy de Garay from Ohio was volunteered by her family for Pfizer trial

After 2 doses she is now paralyzed from the waist down, in a wheelchair, has seizures & memory loss

Her remorse-filled Mom said ” we just wanted to show we believed in The Science…”

— Steve Ross (@trencherman333) October 16, 2021

If Comirnaty becomes available for all ages, that means Pfizer receives an extensive, additional layer of protection.

Is Big Pharma using children as legal human shields for their products?

There is currently no fully authorized COVID-19 vaccine available in the United States today, and this reality has been attacked relentlessly by the corporate press. “Fact checkers” at NewsweekUSA TodayReuters the Associated Press, and elsewhere peddled false information to cover up this absolute fact.

If you run a Google search on this issue, you will find the aforementioned “fact checks” as evidence that Comirnaty is available, when it is most certainly not available. Nobody in the United States is receiving the legally distinct, fully authorized shot. Is it because that shot makes Big Pharma and corrupt regulators more legally vulnerable than they want to be?

[This piece has been updated to reflect that both Pfizer and the federal government claim that Comirnaty has the same legal protections as the EUA product.

However, there remains no compelling explanation for why there are two distinct products, and why one is being delivered under EUA, and the fully authorized version is not available.]

January 5, 2022

Joe Rogan interviews Dr. Robert Malone, MD

Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the nine original mRNA vaccine patents, which were originally filed in 1989 (including both the idea of mRNA vaccines and the original proof of principle experiments) and RNA transfection. Dr. Malone, has close to 100 peer-reviewed publications which have been cited over 12,000 times. Since January 2020, Dr. Malone has been leading a large team focused on clinical research design, drug development, computer modeling and mechanisms of action of repurposed drugs for the treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Malone is the Medical Director of The Unity Project, a group of 300 organizations across the US standing against mandated COVID vaccines for children. He is also the President of the Global Covid Summit, an organization of over 16,000 doctors and scientists committed to speaking truth to power about COVID pandemic research and treatment.

January 2, 2022


Don’t be put off by the fact that he is a Catholic priest. He speaks from a position of factual research that ALL will find informative and inspiring.

Fr. David Nolan

STOP voting for what is best for your own personal pocket book. YES! I am speaking to all you lazy, good-for-nothing welfare “Give me FREE stuff” leaches and those who are too stupid or blind to admit that nothing is FREE.
Vote “NO” to all loans, bonds, and tax increases no matter how supposedly “short-term” or “minor” the lying, power-grabbing political hacks claim they will be.

December 27, 2021

Response to Dr. Spaeder by Massimo Citro Della Riva, M.D.

Dear Colleague,

I have read your response to the letter of Abp. Carlo M. Viganò. I am also a doctor who has spent more than a year and a half treating those who are infected with SARS-CoV-2, and I do not agree with your affirmations; therefore, in order to continue on the path of mutual constructive criticism, I feel I should respond. 

When Abp. Viganò writes about gene serums, he does not necessarily intend to allude to a product that integrates itself into our genome, but rather to a messenger RNA that is itself a gene molecule, since it is a ribonucleic acid. These serums cannot be called vaccines, since a vaccine is a pathogen or a part of a pathogen, either attenuated or inactivated, which is capable of inducing immunity. In contrast, the serums are experimental molecules (already used to treat various oncological pulmonary pathologies, such as cystic fibrosis and other diseases, but never until now experimented with to treat a viral infection) that do not induce immunity but rather produce spikes, which in turn must induce antibodies. The spikes are the toxic and poisonous part of this virus and also the most subject to mutation.

In any case, the reverse transcription of viral RNA is also possible,[1] as occurs with other RNA viruses, which is then capable of triggering long-term chronic diseases.[2] The reverse transcription of the vaccine mRNA is for now only hypothetical, just as it is for the DNA of the adenovirus vector: It is, however, plausible due to the presence of retrotransposons. It is known for certain that protein N of SARS-CoV-2 is transcribed into our DNA.[3] The vaccine mRNAs remain potentially oncogenic by integration or by genetic (epigenetic) interference. It has recently been discovered that the spike is located in the nucleus and inhibits the repair of DNA damage, preventing adaptive immunity.[4] Therefore, I would not be so sure that the vaccine mRNA cannot reverse transcribe itself into our DNA. 

I am happy that you mentioned that vaccines always carry a component of risk, and so they should only be used when the benefit outweighs the risk. But this is not the case with COVID-19, where the benefit is almost zero and the risks are high. We are talking about an infection that is perfectly treatable, with a lethality of less than 1%; thus there is no need for vaccination. Furthermore, the lack of efficacy is there for all to see: these serums do not interrupt transmission; they do not prevent infection; indeed, most of the time infection follows vaccination. Furthermore, those who are vaccinated are contagious and continue to infect people, thereby increasing the epidemic. These serums induce variants which, as you know, are mutations by which the virus escapes the vaccine. The low efficacy of these vaccines is evident from observing the situation in Israel, where there is a worrisome increase in hospitalizations, above all among people between 40 and 50 years old who are fully vaccinated.[5] 

An investigation in hospitals in Israel has documented that almost 100% of those hospitalized had previously been vaccinated,[6] and they are already considering giving a fourth dose of the vaccine in the nation that was the first to inoculate its inhabitants with the third dose.[7] In Norway, where the majority of the population is vaccinated, the number and percentage of hospitalizations related to COVID-19 is increasing among vaccinated patients, and vaccination has not reduced the probability of death in the hospital.[8] Waterford is the county in Ireland with the highest rate of SARS-CoV-2 infection, even though 99.7% of its residents are vaccinated.[9] Gibraltar is the place in the world with the highest percent of vaccinated people (119% [This includes the 19% who travel from abroad to the island]) and the absence of those who are not vaccinated, and yet is recording a continual exponential increase in COVID-19 infections.[10] The number of neutralizing antibodies present after vaccination is lower than in uninfected controls.[11] 

There is no difference in viral loads between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, and if the vaccinated are infected by the delta variant, they can be a course of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to others.[12] In the case of the delta variant, the neutralizing antibodies have a reduced affinity for the spike protein.[13] There is no difference in the viral load between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated who are infected by the delta variant.[14] There is a very poor response to the vaccines among those who have the delta variant.[15] In almost 70 nations the number of COVID-19 is increasing despite all the vaccinations.[16] Here in Italy, the population continues to be infected and the hospitals are full, despite the fact that 85% of the population is vaccinated. These serums are proving to be completely ineffective as well as useless.

It is said the serums help people contract a milder form of infection, but I want to remind you that this infection always begins in a mild form and that before it evolves (in a small number of cases) into a more severe form, several days pass during which it is perfectly treatable. If properly treated right away, people get well. None of my patients who have been treated as soon as they become infected have ever been hospitalized, and the thousands of Italian doctors who treat patients immediately report a rate of hospitalization that is less than 1%.[17] The same holds true for colleagues from other European nations with whom I am in contact.

The treatments you call “alternative” are not at all alternative, and they have existed since the very first case of SARS (I wish to remind you that the current virus is actually the second SARS, that the virus is almost identical to SARS-CoV-1 and so are its clinical manifestations), as can be found in literature beginning in 2003. The fact that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) can inhibit coronaviruses is found in literature beginning right after SARS; one cannot say this was not known. In SARS-CoVs generally, HCQ increases the endosomal pH and interferes with the terminal glycosylation of the cell receptor (ACE2).[18] Chloroquine inhibits SARS-CoV replication.[19] HCQ is an effective inhibitor of the replication of SARS-CoV both in vitro and also in vivo: SARS-CoV-1 (viral replication reduced by 99% after three days), MERS-CoV, HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43.[20] In mice, chloroquine transmitted to newborns protects it from the lethal challenge of human HCoV-OC43.[21]

COVID-19 is perfectly treatable, but it must be treated immediately, without wasting time, preferably within the first two days. HCQ also has an anti-viral action: Hydroxychloroquine (400 mg per day) and azythromicin (500 mg per day) for at least five days, up to 10 days.[23] In China, HCQ has even been found to be useful in treating COVID-19 pneumonia, and it is recommended “to include it in the next guidelines for the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia.[24]

Hydroxychloroquine has all the characteristics to be confirmed as the drug of choice in the prophylaxis of early-stage coronavirus complications, and derivatives from China are being studied by the U.S. FDA as a treatment for COVID-19.[25] As much as 37% of the 6,227 doctors from 30 different nations who have cast an international vote consider HCQ to be the most effective treatment for COVID-19.[26] Colyer and Hinthorn call it “a first-line treatment,” especially when combined with azythromicin.[27] A German research group has invented hydroxychloroquine in an aerosol form and experimented with excellent results: Instead of receiving 400 mg in a systemic way, the patient receives 2-4 mg through inhalation, without toxicity.[28]

Ivermectin, alone or in association, is an anthelmintic with anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-tumoral activity, which acts on flaviviruses, HIV, Ebola and Zika,[29] blocks the RNA virus of respiratory diseases in pigs[30] and neutralizes SARS-CoV-2 in 48 hours in vitro.[31] Quercetin is also effective in the first phase of the disease,[32] acting as a powerful viral inhibitor against SARS-CoV-2, of which it blocks the 3CL (3-chymotrypsin-like) proteases, also called Mpro, which are essential in the replication cycle,[33] and this was divulged by a printed communication of the CNR Institute of Nanotechnology,[34] completely ignored by health institutions.

Quercetin has a synergic action with vitamin C in the prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2.[35] Cortisone (dexamethasone and betamethasone) also acts on the same proteases.[36] Another SARS-CoV-2 3CL protease inhibitor is ebselen,[37] “an organic selenium compound with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and cyto-protective properties, studied for the treatment of bipolar disorders and hearing loss, with very low toxicity and with a strong clinical potential for the treatment of coronaviruses.”[38] Confirmation of ebselen’s action against SARS-CoV-2 comes from the Milan Politecnico [Clinic],[39] with a confirmatory study describing its mechanism of action.[40] Ebselen is a powerful inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2.[41] 

Another inhibitor of these proteases is cinanserin: Already in 2005 the European Commission certified that the treatment for SARS-CoV had been found, since cinanserin inhibits the SARS coronavirus in a significant way and is a ready-to-use drug for treating SARS.[42] This is in an official document of the European Commission. We recall that 3CL, or Mpro, is the main protease present in coronaviruses.[43] The strong inhibition of cinanserin on the replication of SARS-CoV is in [medical] literature: “The binding of cinanserin and its hydrochloride to bacterially expressed 3CLpro of SARS-CoV and of the relative human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E) has been demonstrated by resonance technology of the surface plasmon. It is specific for the 3CL coronaviruses,”[44] and these proteases are present in SARS-CoV-2. “The design and development of specific antiviral drugs with direct anti-SARS-CoV-2 action can be made possible by targeting conserved enzymes such as the 3C protease.”[45] Cinanserin inhibits SARS-CoV-2.[46] A virtual screening confirmed the inhibitory activity of cinanserin and ebselen on the SARS-CoV-2 substrate Mpro.[47]

Since thromboembolisms are among the worst complications, the anti-coagulant action of low-molecular-weight heparin (enoxaparin) is needed.[48] Furthermore, the spike-binding domain of SARS-CoV-2 interacts with heparin.[49] When it opens to meet the ACE-2s (which are electronegative), the spike takes on a strong positive charge that allows it to connect.[50] Heparin is a mixture of mucopolysaccharides whose N-sulfate groups give it the highest electronegative charge of any known biomolecules, including ACE-2 receptors.[51] Thus heparin and spike attract one another like a magnet, taking the virus away from our receptors. Early use of heparin reduces the risk of serious development [of the coronavirus]. Hydroxyxchloroquine exercises a safe anti-thrombotic action,[52] and works in synergy with low-molecular-weight heparin.[53] Most importantly: The coagulative complications of coronavirus were in literature ever since SARS and MERS,[54] and have been covered up. Why was the grave danger of thromboembolisms not immediately divulged to all medical personnel? And why instead was it stubbornly concealed? We could have avoided thousands of deaths. As for cortisone, it is known to be the drug of choice for treating the cytokine storm and has been confirmed by clinical practice and a vast literature. 

In support of treatment there are cholecalciferol (always associated with menaquinone), ascorbic acid and zinc. In 2020, 300 different works were published about the benefits of cholecalciferol in COVID-19.[55] The D3 is important in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19,[56] it can reduce the risk of this infection,[57] it inhibits the IL-17 mediated response,[58] it has a role in the cytokine storm and in COVID-19 mortality.[59] Its deficiency increases the risk of infection and aggravates ARDS[60] and COVID-19 patients need higher doses of vitamin D3.[61] It protects and prevents ARDS.[62] It is recommended in at-risk patients.[63] It helps to prevent infection from SARS-CoV-2 to inhibit the cytokine storm by suppressing NFkB, IL-6 and TNF, and to prevent the loss of neurosensation by stimulating neurotrophins such as NGF.[64] Compared to the untreated, high doses of D3 reduce fibrinogen and negativize viral RNA.[65]

By improving mucociliar cleareance, zinc removes pathogens from the respiratory pathways,[73] inhibits the “RNA polymerase RNA dependent” enzyme[74] that replicates viruses to RNA, and reduces the activity of ACE-2 receptors.[75] Low levels of zinc are associated with the worsening of COVID-19 patients.[76] Zinc supplements are recommended in COVID-19 patients and the increase of mucociliar clearance is confirmed, epithelial integrity is strengthened, viral replication is inhibited, anti-viral activity is increased, the risks of hyper-inflammation are attenuated and pulmonary damage is reduced as well as the risk of secondary infections.[77] In COVID-19 zinc is just as effective as treatment, above all if it is combined with hydroxychloroquine and azithromyhcin.[78] The hydroxychloroquine-azithromycin-zinc combination is valid.[79] Chloroquine acts as a zinc ionophore, facilitating entry into the cell.[80]

Ascorbic acid is among the most powerful anti-infectives and anti-virals,[81] as confirmed in the previous SARS outbreak[82]; it promotes phagocytosis and protects epithelial barriers.[83] A double-blind, randomized study of those hospitalized with acute respiratory infections found that vitamin C improves the course of the infection.[84, 85] In COVID-19, doses of 2–8 g per day orally prevent respiratory infections and 6–24 g per day intravenously reduces mortality in its severe pulmonary forms.[86] The sick hospitalized through COVID-19 in China have been treated with high doses (even tens of grams) intravenously.[87] In Shanghai, dozens of moderate and serious patients have been treated with high doses of vitamin C intravenously.[88] Intravenous vitamin C has been given in severe cases of COVID-19 with sepsis.[89] Timely high doses of vitamin C improve COVID-19 pneumonia.[90] Two research groups, in Shanghai and Guangszhou, recommend high doses of intravenous ascorbate for the treatment of ARDS, with other supportive treatments, including vitamin D3 and zinc.[91] Intravenous ascorbate along with steroids and vitamin D3 resolve sepsis in critical patients.[92] Vitamin C prevents complications and reduces  alveolar fluid by inhibiting the activation of neutrophils and reducing alveolar damage.[93]

Prevention is helpful with the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating glycoprotein lactoferrin, which has an anti-viral action of ample spectrum, including against coronaviruses and SARS-CoV-2, and is helpful also in treatment.[94] It inhibits the entrys of SARS-CoV-2 in cells by blocking the heparin sulfate, a co-receptor of ACE-2. This glucoprotein restores iron homeostasis and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.[95]

Archbishop Viganò is perfectly correct when he writes that these drugs have been systematically boycotted by the WHO and regulatory agencies. And I would add: These drugs have been unjustly maligned. It is enough to think of hydroxycholoroquine. Two completely made-up studies in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine claimed to potray this drug as toxic[96]: They were discovered and withdrawn, but they served to make HCQ to be withdrawn almost worldwide. An obvious boycott! All studies adverse to HCQ are financed by the pharmaceutical industry or by agencies tied to Mr. William Henry Gates III or have conflicts of interest, therefore they have zero credibility. Beginning with the three who argued that the cardiotoxicity of HCQ (usually estimated to be less than 1%) was 10%[97], or 19%[98] or even 33%.[99] All of these studies are worthless, and the list goes on and on. 

The effectivness of hyperimmune plasma has been well known ever since the first SARS,[100] and it is also well known during this second outbreak.[101] But perhaps plasma was uncomfortable for someone who has more interest in making space for monoclonals. Therefore, Dr. Spaeder, don’t say that there are not treatments, because this makes us co-responsible for millions of deaths of people who have not been treated precisely because, although there were treatments, these treatments were denied them. This pandemic is a true massacre, a second holocaust.

Let us ask ourselves why traditional vaccines with attenuated SARS-CoV-2 have not been prepared. And why did they target the spike and not the M and N proteases, which are not toxic and do not mutate (and thus we would not have had the variants of the vaccine)? Other authors are asking the same thing.[102] Instead, with these serums that produce trillions of spikes, we have obtained dangerous and deadly effects and continuous variations that extend the pandemic. I remind you of them. In addition to the well-known high risk of ADE[103] and of auto-immunity,[104] the spike can behave like a prion,[105] therefore it is neurotoxic,[106]  it is cardiotoxic [107] and above all it is harmful to the endothelium, provoking endothelitis with hypercoagulation and thromboembolism.[108]

I remind you it has been demonstrated that the spike is sufficient, apart from the virus, precisely as a product of these serums, to harm the organism and to produce damage to the lungs, the arteries and the endothelium in general.[109] Even the S1 subunit of the spike is sufficient.[110]  These two studies demonstrate that, once the replicating capacity of the virus is removed, cells are damaged by the spike, only and exclusively by the spike. And it is precisely this that is produced inside the bodies of those who are vaccinated. Another study confirms that the S1 subunit of the spike significantly increases the pro-inflamatory cytokines (αTNF, IL6, IL1β, IL8) through the activation of the inflammasomes NFkB, p38 MAPK and NLRP3, and confirms that the pre-treatment with cortisone reducese the release of cytokines.[111]

Therefore, Abp. Viganò is perfectly correct in recalling the danger and mortality of these serums. The medical-scientific literature says so, and not only the sites which you cited and called “anti-vaccine propaganda.” Look at the European data reported by EudraVigilance, which certainly cannot be called no-vax.[112] Instead, many now see it is pro-vaccine propaganda, supported and directed by supra-national sovereign groups that have other purposes than the health of the population, propaganda based only on private studies that are worthless because they collude with the industry. Among many other examples, the example of the first study on the Pfizer vaccine applies, which claims the vaccine has a 95% rate of effectiveness and the absence of any toxicity, which is financed by Pfizer and BioNTech.[113, 114]  The same applies to the recent study on the vaccination for children from 5 to 11 years, which is called safe and effective, also financed by Pfizer and BioNTech. It has zero scientific value. Or the study done by Moderna, which was financed by Moderna, NIAID and the pharmaceutical industries.[115] All this is not science. It is a criminal scam.

In closing, I would like to remind you, my esteemed Colleague, that we are doctors, and we have the duty to protect our patients, to work for their good and not for the good of those who pursue their own interests, contrary to medicine and the life of the population. We ought to think for ourselves and not robotically repeat the anti-scientific slogans of the mainstream and the oligarchic system illegitimately governing the planet. We have sworn by Asclepius, not by multinationals. I thank Abp. Viganò for his precious contribution to the search for truth, the thing we scientists ought to always do. Apparently, the Archbishop is more of a scientist than us.

Massimo Citro Della Riva, M.D.

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December 17, 2021

Video: There is no “These United States of America” anymore. It’s time to admit that and get to work dividing her accordingly…..NOW!

Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough MD, MPH were in a three hour podcast on Spotify. Here are “highlights”:

  • No American hospital system will treat Covid patients except for last-ditch procedures like ventilators.  Not even Harvard, UCLA or Mayo has a treatment protocol for Covid since all medicines that work, like Hydroxychloroquine, are forbidden due to political resistance.
  • Moderna was working on the “vaccine” before the virus was discovered.
  • Within its first year, the “vaccine” has killed about 45,000 Americans. About half of them died within 48 hours of the jab; 80% within a week. In 86% of these cases, there was no significant co-morbidities except age.
  • One official study found that 38% of Covid-positive cases were transmitted vaccinated-to-vaccinated. (Read this one again, slowly, if you still don’t get what’s going on here.)
  • He proves this was a “planned mass psychosis” by going through the stages required to lead the majority of a population into irrational fear.
  • 0% of the US COVID deaths were treated with adequate pre-hospitalization care like Ivermectin.
  • Ivermectin is now first-line medicine for Covid diagnoses in Japan and has flattened the curve in Peru, Mexico and parts of India.
  • Note that I disagree with his promotion of Monoclonal Antibodies since LifeSite News reports these “are made from/tested on fetal cells and risk ‘serious side effects.’”
  • All life-saving medicines were suppressed in order to roll out the “vaccine” and this was only able to be executed by using “planned mass psychosis” of fear.  McCullough proves this in many ways, one of which is how the CNN death tolls were allegedly in real-time, where as he, as a cardiologist and masters of public health, insists that death certificates are usually issued 6 weeks post-mortem.
  • The desired end of this global mass-psychosis (with the (mis)use of the existence of the virus and the “vaccines”) is a global net-loss of life.

Link: 30 Facts You Need to Know –  Your Covid Cribsheet.

Video: The Elon Musk Effect. Is the Great Reset Going Senile?

S.O.S. From Australia

I feel sorrow for those in the northern territories of Australia.
I live in the USA and my country is not far behind in enacting the same tyranny.

December 2, 2021

If your children reject all that you believe, you have only yourself to blame.

Overcoming Covid Psychosis
Patrick Coffin’s interview with Dr. Mark McDonald

November 29, 2021

This video will tell you EXACTLY what the filthy rich think of you and what they want for you.


Here is the Direct link to the video on BitChute by Dave Cullen.

Note who is smiling and who is not; who has his face fully revealed and who does not.

November 28, 2021

The War on Humanity – Updated Video Link

Timeline Video of the PLAN-demic

The greatest sign of tyranny is when even questioning is forbidden. It makes you wonder WHY they are SOOOO insecure, so unable to be confronted about their force-it-down-our-throats narrative. What is their true agenda? It sure as hell has NOTHING to do with ridding the world of “mis-information” since they, themselves, are the ultimate culprit of it. I am leaving up the below blocked-video message – and adding a link to where the video CAN be viewed – just to remind you that that YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Microsoft, Google, Instagram, and many other hateful, arrogant, filthy rich control-freak madmen do not give a damn about informing you and allowing you to decide for yourself the fate of you own life, but only with indoctrinating you, corrupting you and, frankly, killing you. In their mind “The less the merrier” when it comes to the world’s population.

The video CAN be viewed at the below link. It’s time to ditch YouTube. Remember; every time you watch an ad on YouTube THEY are making money off of you. Money is what they ultimately love – deciding every micro-second of your life – and exterminating you off the face of the planet, if they so wish – are a close second. Want to aid in effecting change? Deprive them of their god – MONEY!

Click here for THE WAR ON HUMANITY video

YouTube elitist billionaires honestly feel that I am cattle and only worthy of being treated as their fodder. THEY will not decide what I hear, read, think, believe, do, feel or learn. I WILL DECIDE!!!

See link above to view the video and flip-off YouTube.

Covid Jab is meant to Cull the Population

Click Above for Video by Dr Vernon Coleman on Brand New Tube

Scientists on leashes like dogs. We are next.

November 17, 2021

How the ‘metaverse’ will create a virtual Hell on Earth

Such a lonely world disconnected from reality and the nature of things can feed the unfettered passions that hate all moral restraint. A space like this can quickly go from Alice in Wonderland to insane asylum…

It will make possible immoral acts that will gravely offend God…

The metaverse must be understood in the context of a process of modernity’s continuous effort to put humanity, not God, at the center of all things…

THIS is the priority of unelected President Biden?

Unmasking Fauci – Coffin Interview with Kennedy

November 11, 2021

Excuse the long pause in my posts

I have been working on trying to educate the residents, especially parents, of the coming “New Order” aka modern slavery. Alas, it is virtually impossible to overcome purposeful ignorance caused by apathy and laziness, even when overcoming that blindness would save the lives of their children. I feel frustrated almost to the point of despair. I have done a lot of research about many, many matters, and ironically, by doing so, I have found, time after time, it is only about 3% of any population who choose the “red pill”. Only 3%. I try to remind myself that only 3% of the residents of what would be become these United States of America actually fought in the Revolutionary War – and won it – with the remainder riding on the courage and deaths of those of who cared enough about their freedom to fight for it.

Freedom is NOT free.

Anyone who lives in a land of the free does so because of the brave.

To the depth of my being, I wish to abandon to the fate of utter poverty and slavery those who refuse to even stand up for the smallest of rights; unfortunately, they will drag me down with them if only from jealously of my courage and because misery does indeed love company. They will be and will deserve to be miserable…..

and yet, they will still DO nothing!

Watch THIS video by Computing Forever on BitChute and learn how “vaccination” = “sterilization

God have mercy on the U.S.A

Go AWAY Brandon!

October 24, 2021

Will We Even Find A Lump Of Banned Coal In Christmas Stockings?

(Excerpt) From the very day Biden took office last January, he intentionally began this nation’s destruction. He started reversing Donald Trump’s successful energy policies so that the U.S. and its people became beggars, suffering debilities and higher costs all along supply chains.

To read the entire article, and, I assure you, you do, click HERE

The current regime, Democrats in general, Leftists, Corporations, Big Pharma, Social Tech Oligarchs and most petty Authoritarians find it easy, justifiable and glorious to spend other people’s money, knowing full well that doing so will never, and was never even meant to, benefit those from whom the money was taken – taken against their will.

October 23, 2021 (Supplement)

Want a synopsis of all the crap the government is intentionally putting you through, and how and why they are doing so?

Then watch THIS video!

Even Black Lives Matter Has Had Enough

Michael Matt explains how the Build Back Better sabotage of America is directly impacting deliveries and construction work on the new RTV studio project.  Lumber, supplies, even food is in short supply all across the country, as some 70 cargo ships off the coast of California are not allowed to unload their cargo. 

What’s going on?

Michael argues that we’re witnessing the intentionally orchestrated collapse the U.S. economy, which includes wrecking small business (because it provides independence from government), paying Americans not to work, opening the borders and — last but not least — putting a total buffoon in the Oval Office.

If they’re going to “build back better,” our globalist friends first have to destroy everything in this country…including the once greatest healthcare system in the world.  If you don’t think this is intentional, you need to watch this video.

Tell that to the average middle-class family who is seeing the greatest and most rapid increase in food and gas prices in decades. But, hey; none of that affects the lives of those who are causing it to occur because they ARE upper-class and therefore WEALTHY! Still think they give a damn about your life, this country or “the common good”?
Wrong! They are doing what is best for themselves, ONLY.
As always, thank Biden voters for the additional 20-25% you are now paying for the food you put in your children’s mouths and the gas you use to get to work…..that is if you are not leaching off of the middle-class by taking government money!!

October 23, 2021

We Have Lost Many of Our Constitutional Rights Already!

Freedom of Religion. Only if you follow the Religion of Public Health. Pastors, Priests, and Rabbis bowed down to the false god of government when tyrannical governors prohibited or limited in person religious events.

Free Speech. Not anymore. Controlled and censored speech is the order of the day. Critical thinking is mocked. Doctors are threatened by the medical establishment for asking scientific questions about COVID early treatments and vaccine related illnesses.

Free Press. Wiped out. Five corporations control 90% of America’s news outlets: Comcast, Disney, Viacom/CBS, News Corp, and AT&T. The official narrative is parroted verbatim and incessantly. Just like China. Just like North Korea. It is no wonder a recent Rasmussen poll found that over 60% of the American people view the press as: “The Enemy of the People.”

Freedom of Assembly. The government is threatening organizations who don’t “social distance,” who refuse to wear a mask, and who won’t abide by limits on the number of people who can attend rallies-groups like America’s Frontline Doctors.

Freedom to Petition the Government. I am, for all practical purposes, under house arrest with no formal charges brought against me. Why? Because I petitioned my government—and now I have lost my Constitutional rights. And I am not alone.

Right to bodily integrity. This is essentially gone, through coercive tactics to force Americans to accept an experimental treatment they don’t want and don’t need.

Due process. Don’t get me started. There are good people, Americans who are languishing in jail as I write you – pretrial – based upon accusations only!

Speedy and Public Trial. Gone. No longer will the US government promise to give us our day in court, much less before a jury of our peers for all to see. So-called secret courts.

Trial by Jury. Due to lockdowns, the accused are held without a trial by jury for weeks or months.

I always thought I lived in the United States of America, not in some communist dictatorship.

And what are the excuses for erasing our Constitution? Medical safety, economic security, and religious duty. But we cannot afford to overlook the underlying theme to all three: TYRANNY.

The reason the communists decided to use medical tyranny is because it is the most effective: it is silent, secret, and insidious. It causes great fear, cowardice, and a hyper-reliance on authority. It also distracts people from the REAL enemy: the tyrannical overlords who seek to divide us.

The tyrannical overlords pit black against white, male against female, rich against poor. Vaxxed vs. normal is just another exploitable division.

Our work, our mission, is reclaiming our Constitutional liberties by blocking those who intend you to live under tyranny.

The World Health Organization, the FDA, the NIH, and the CDC are proven liars who have lost all credibility and common-sense, while jeopardizing YOUR health and safety.

What disgusts me most is how their failed prescriptions have exposed the most vulnerable: our elderly and our children.

The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and hundreds of other news outlets have censored the truth in order to preserve their power. Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, and dozens of other Tech companies are throttling down content, suppressing information, and de-platforming those with whom they disagree.

And the White House, by pitting the vaxxed against the un-vaxxed, has created a scenario whereby they are imposing their imperialism and decrees on BOTH groups.

This is madness, and it must stop.

Benjamin Rush said, “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

It begins with you and me. For Liberty.

Dr. Simone Gold, Founder
America’s Frontline Doctors

You CANNOT comply your way out of tyranny. Compliance only empowers tyrants to exert even more control by tearing away more of your rights, and increasing punishment for non-compliance, because you think “Well, it’s not THAT much worse”. Power stolen is never voluntarily relinquished; It has to be ripped away from those who abused their position by taking what they never deserved and were never permitted to have. If they demand a mile and you think that if they “compromise” and only take a yard, do you feel relieved? If yes, you are a blind, mindless drone. What stops them from taking yard after yard until they get the full mile in the end anyways? It may take longer, but you will still be enslaved. A frog in water slowly brought to a boil is still as cooked as one who is flash-boiled.

Who is suppose to serve who? The government serve the people? Or the people serve the government? Reflect on your actions and you will know who you feel should serve who. If/when there is another useless lockdown, mask mandate, or vaccine, when you obey out of fear or out of the hope for a return to previous autonomy when all evidence indicates the opposite, who are you trusting? Who are you worshipping? Who has the final say over your life? To whom are you bowing? Your choices are to either act like a spineless, docile, tit-sucking slave who relies on his or her “master” to make all of one’s decisions or like someone who knows that the worst is yet to come if you do not rebel and say “Stop! NO! WE tell YOU how we wish to be governed. You don’t get to tell us how to live our lives. I, alone, will be forced to deal with the consequences of decisions affecting my life, whether those decisions are made by you or me. There is no downside for you. For me, the probable downside of allowing you to act as my sole authority under whom I must receive permission to even take my next breath is the loss of my God-given freedoms, my inability to pursue happiness, and even the preservation of my life!”

You cannot believe in and bow to the government/media/social tech/corporations/”experts” who now act, together, as a single-minded entity with shared nefarious goals, and believe in and bow to the Creator of all, the omnipotent and never-changing God. They are 180 degrees apart from each other nearly 100% of the time, now. When you bow to the demands of a mere human being when they contradict the commands of God, you point your head at the authority of mankind, but your ass at the authority of God. And many wonder why Jesus said in scripture that most persons are damned.

Matthew 7:13-14

13 Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and those who find it are few in number.

October 21, 2021 (Supplement)

We are past rationality: Firm resistance is needed to stop the purge of the unjabbed

Oct 21, 2021 (Mercola) – So, the Great New Normal Purge has begun … right on cue, right by the numbers. As we “paranoid conspiracy theorists” have been warning would happen for the past 18 months, people who refuse to convert to the new official ideology are now being segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted.

Relentless official propaganda demonizing “the Unvaccinated” is being pumped out by the corporate and state media, government leaders, health officials, and shrieking fanatics on social media. “The Unvaccinated” are the new official “Untermenschen,” an underclass of subhuman “others” the New Normal masses are being conditioned to hate.

But it isn’t just a purge of “the Unvaccinated.” Anyone deviating from the official ideology is being systematically demonized and persecuted.

In Germany, Australia, and other New Normal countries, protesting the New Normal is officially outlawed. The New Normal Gestapo is going around to people’s homes to interrogate them about their anti-New Normal Facebook posts. Corporations are openly censoring content that contradicts the official narrative. New Normal goon squads roam the streets, checking people’s “vaccination” papers.

And it’s not just governments and corporations carrying out the New Normal Purge. Friends are purging friends. Wives are purging husbands. Fathers are purging children. Children are purging parents. New Normals are purging old normal thoughts. Global “health authorities” are revising definitions to make them conform to New Normal “science.”

And so on … a new official “reality” is being manufactured, right before our eyes. Anything and anyone that doesn’t conform to it is being purged, unpersoned, memory-holed, erased. None of which should come as a surprise.

Every nascent totalitarian system, at some stage of its takeover of society, launches a purge of political opponents, ideological dissidents, and other “anti-social deviants.” Such purges can be brief or open-ended, and they can take any number of outward forms, depending on the type of totalitarian system, but you cannot have totalitarianism without them.

The essence of totalitarianism — regardless of which costumes and ideology it wears — is a desire to completely control society, every aspect of society, every individual behavior and thought.

Every totalitarian system, whether an entire nation, a tiny cult, or any other form of social body, evolves toward this unachievable goal … the total ideological transformation and control of every single element of society (or whatever type of social body it comprises). This fanatical pursuit of total control, absolute ideological uniformity, and the elimination of all dissent is what makes totalitarianism totalitarianism.

Thus, each new totalitarian system, at some point in its evolution, needs to launch a purge of those who refuse to conform to its official ideology. It needs to do this for two basic reasons: (1) to segregate or otherwise eliminate actual political opponents and dissidents who pose a threat to the new regime; and (2) and more importantly, to establish the ideological territory within which the masses must now confine themselves in order to avoid being segregated, or eliminated.

The purge must be conducted openly, brutally, so that the masses understand that the rules of society have changed, forever, that their former rights and freedoms are gone, and that from now on any type of resistance or deviation from official ideology will not be tolerated, and will be ruthlessly punished.

The purge is usually launched during a “state of emergency,” under imminent threat from some official “enemy” (e.g., “communist infiltrators,” “counter-revolutionaries,” or … you know, a “devastating pandemic”), such that the normal rules of society can be indefinitely suspended “for the sake of survival.”

The more terrified the masses can be made, the more willing they will be to surrender their freedom and follow orders, no matter how insane.

The lifeblood of totalitarianism is fear … fear of both the system’s official enemy (which is constantly stoked with propaganda) and of the totalitarian system itself. That the brutality of the system is rationalized by the threat posed by the official enemy doesn’t make it any less brutal or terrifying. Under totalitarian systems (of any type or scale) fear is a constant and there is no escape from it.

The masses’ fear is then channeled into hatred … hatred of the official “Untermenschen,” whom the system encourages the masses to scapegoat. Thus, the purge is also a means of allowing the masses to purge themselves of their fear, to transform it into self-righteous hatred and unleash it on the “Untermenschen” instead of the totalitarian system, which, obviously, would be suicidal.

Every totalitarian system — both the individuals running it and the system, structurally — instinctively understands how all this works. New Normal totalitarianism is no exception. Just reflect on what has happened over the last 18 months.

Day after day, month after month, the masses have been subjected to the most destructive psychological-terror campaign in the history of psychological terror. Sadly, many of them have been reduced to paranoid, anus-puckering invalids, afraid of the outdoors, of human contact, afraid of their own children, afraid of the air, morbidly obsessed with disease and death … and consumed with hatred of “the Unvaccinated.”

Their hatred, of course, is utterly irrational, the product of fear and propaganda, as hatred of “the Untermenschen” always is. It has absolutely nothing to do with a virus, which even the New Normal authorities admit. “The Unvaccinated” are no more of a threat to anyone than any other human being … except insofar as they threaten the New Normals’ belief in their delusional ideology.

No, we are way past rationality at this point. We are witnessing the birth of a new form of totalitarianism. Not “communism.” Not “fascism.” Global-capitalist totalitarianism. Pseudo-medical totalitarianism. Pathologized totalitarianism. A form of totalitarianism without a dictator, without a definable ideology. A totalitarianism based on “science,” on “fact,” on “reality,” which it creates itself.

I don’t know about you, but, so far, it has certainly made quite an impression on me. So much so that I have mostly set aside my satirical schtick to try to understand it … what it actually is, why it is happening, why it is happening now, where it is going, and how to oppose it, or at least disrupt it.

The way I see it, the next six months will determine how successful the initial stages of the roll-out of this new totalitarianism will be. By April of 2022, either we’ll all be showing our “papers” to the New Normal Gestapo to be able to earn a living, attend a school, dine at a restaurant, travel, and otherwise live our lives, or we will have thrown a monkey wrench into the machinery.

I do not expect GloboCap to abandon the roll-out of the New Normal over the longer term — they are clearly committed to implementing it — but we have the power to ruin their opening act (which they’ve been planning and rehearsing for quite some time).

So, let’s go ahead and do that, shall we? Before we get purged, or unpersoned, or whatever. I’m not sure, as I haven’t seen a “fact-check” yet, but I believe there are some commercial airline pilots in the USA who are showing us the way.

By CJ Hopkins

October 21, 2021

Where are our Children?

The above video is not a moral stance, but one of knowledge. It is imperative that you acknowledge that you, alone, are responsible for your actions and not claim innocence through purposeful ignorance. No one respects someone who says that he or she didn’t know when, in today’s world, it takes about 5 seconds to find the information on the internet and only a few minutes to begin to learn it. You cannot make good decisions based on lack of or faulty information; but if you go ahead with a decision that has life-changing consequences, without your due-diligence, and you or someone else suffers as a result, it is your own fault – don’t point your finger at another person and try to pass the blame. It is up to you to care enough about yourself and those around you to do a modicum of research. When you know more, you will make better decisions and, in the end, you will be happier and more in-line with life.

Don’t be fooled by claims of ‘consensus’ on climate change, science is not a popularity contest

Oct 21, 2021 (American Thinker) — A new “peer-reviewed” paper has been released from Cornell University titled “Greater than 99% Consensus on Human Caused Climate Change in the Peer-Reviewed Scientific Literature.” 

The study is yet another attempt to convey the nebulous notion that widespread scientific consensus exists regarding the primary causal factor behind climate change.

A previous study, spearheaded by climate blogger activist John Cook, concluded in 2013 there was “97 percent consensus.” Despite near-universal acclaim and its citation by leading policymakers such as the United Kingdom’s energy minister, the study was inherently flawed. 

Dr. Mike Hulme of the University of East Anglia explains, “The ‘97% consensus’ article is poorly conceived, poorly designed, and poorly executed. It obscures the complexities of the climate issue, and it is a sign of the desperately poor level of public and policy debate in this country [UK] that the energy minister should cite it.” 

Even the Guardian  – typically a stalwart supporter of climate activism – ran a headline stating: “The claim of a 97% consensus on global warming does not stand up.” 

After a thorough analysis, more than 100 published articles shredded the study’s faulty methodology and completely rejected its postulated consensus level of 97 percent  

Yet, Cook’s baseless study was still used as the inspiration for today’s release from Cornell – which, unsurprisingly, is similarly flawed. Regarding the researchers’ methodological approach, the article’s press release states, “In the study, the researchers began by examining a random sample of 3,000 studies from the dataset of 88,125 English-language climate papers published between 2012 and 2020.” 

There are many issues with this approach, the primary concern being selection bias. The authors arbitrarily decide to look at just an eight-year range of climate papers, neglecting to examine the large number of papers published before 2012. This approach, therefore, conveniently “forgets” to incorporate the significant sample of climate-skeptical papers written in response to the then-nascent concept of global warming in the 1970s. 

They go on to say “case closed,” even as the glaring bias of pre-selection ensures many skeptical papers from the 1970s, when global warming first appeared on the radar of science, to today, were excluded from the study

Primary paper author Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow with Cornell’s Alliance for Science, concludes: “We are virtually certain that the consensus is well over 99% now, and that it’s pretty much case closed for any meaningful public conversation about the reality of human-caused climate change.” 

To cast further shadow upon the study’s conclusions beyond the glaring selection bias problem, Lynas himself inspires reason for distrust. The lead author has a history of climate activism. 

Danish author Bjørn Lomborg, a former member of Greenpeace, penned a book titled The Skeptical Environmentalist. In that book, Lomborg suggested pragmatic solutions to climate issues. At a book signing in 2001 in Oxford, England, Lynas was caught on video throwing a pie in the face of Lomborg, who was simply attempting to establish good scientific procedure. Rather than attempting to rationally object like an academic is expected to do, Lynas resorted to personal assault.  

To further confound the aforementioned issues with the study and its authors, the entire focus of the study is based on the flawed premise that consensus matters or should even be sought. 

Dr. Richard Tol effectively summarizes this problem in his rebuke of this study’s conclusions, claiming, “Consensus is irrelevant in science. There are plenty of examples in history where everyone agreed, and everyone was wrong.” 

Indeed, there are many such examples. Consensus does not require truth or accuracy; it merely establishes that a group of any number of individuals congregated and agreed to a certain perspective – which is often based on nothing but misinformed opinions. 

Author Alex Alexander explains this sociological phenomenon in his article, “When Consensus is a Bad Way to Decide.” “Consensus is about persuasion and compromise, not right or wrong, not what works best. Consensus is about human interactions, which are mainly about emotions, jumping to conclusions, and negotiation, and may or may not include facts and analysis. Consensus is about compromise, and compromise means that someone, maybe everyone, has to set aside an idea that may have value in order to satisfy the group, or the leader of the group.” 

Even world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein recognized the fallacy of consensus when it is applied to science. When the Nazi Party of Germany decided they didn’t like Einstein because he was Jewish, they set about to discredit him by publishing One Hundred Authors Against Einstein in 1931. In total, 121 authors were identified as opponents to Einstein’s special relativity theory. 

Einstein, one step ahead of them all, is said to have riposted, “It would not have required one hundred authors to prove me wrong; one would have been enough.” 

This is the essence of science – it only takes one author employing sound scientific experimentation to provide effective evidence in support of a theory or hypothesis. Needless to say, this is not how Lynas and many of his peers have historically operated. 

So, when Lynas asserts that the case is closed, he has provided little to no valid evidence in support of his theory. More methodologically sound forays into predicting the effects of global warming have been attempted, but their results range everywhere from “little effect” to apocalyptic scenarios. It simply depends on the scientist, the specific question being asked, and the methodology employed to test that question. 

Science cannot necessarily provide us with a fool proof answer to the exact effects that global warming may have on our planet, but one thing is certain: science is not a popularity contest. The study released today only further cements that consensus is completely meaningless as a means of establishing proof. 

By Anthony Watts

If it suits the globalists’ agenda, then you know it’s a lie.

October 20, 2021


Sexually Explicit Material Found in Children’s School Library

October 15, 2021 (Epoch Times) – A North Carolina parent cited state law in pointing the Wake County School Board to possible felonious, sexually explicit material found in one of its libraries.

Chad Slotta told the board in its Oct. 5 meeting that one of his children found the book, “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison in the school’s library.

The book, Slotta said, describes illicit sex between minors, a 10-year-old who engages in a sex act during a church youth group behind a church parsonage, sexually explicit language, and allusions to bestiality.

Now I feel grieved and embarrassed to even discuss this issue in a public forum, but in the defense of innocence and decency of not only my child but the classmates, I can’t remain silent,” Slotta told the board during public comment.

It’s unacceptable that an adult trusted to educate children, “either knowingly or through ignorance,” would permit the dissemination of objectively obscene material to children, Slotta said.

Slotta later read from NC General Statute 14-190.1, which states that it’s a class-one felony for a “person, firm, or corporation to intentionally disseminate obscenity” that depicts or describes in a “patently offensive way” sexual conduct that could be directed at children as a potential audience.

‘At Best, Broken; At Worst, Corrupt’

Slotta asked the board to initiate a “thorough and transparent” review of the books currently available and the process by which they are chosen.

The process by which books and material are added to our school libraries is at best broken, and at worst, corrupt,” Slotta said. “It’s broken if an elected or unelected person or committee failed to properly vet this book and others like it from coming into the school. The process is corrupt if an elected or unelected official or committee vetted the book and others like it and thought, ‘Hey, this would add value to our children,’ then sourced them intentionally in our schools.”

Slotta later told The Epoch Times that as he’s watched the brewing controversy of sexualized material being found in K-12 school systems across the country, he’s identified several other titles in his child’s online school library.

I didn’t want to transfer a national narrative on our local situation unless those things were actually happening here,” Slotta said. “Unfortunately, we discovered that in fact books we saw being reported on and others, which in our opinion are more obscene and more graphic, were in the library where our child attends school.”

Other books he named were “Out of Darkness,” by Ashley Hope Perez, in which he said there are multiple sexual descriptions, one of which being a group of boys fantasizing about group sex; and “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” by George M. Johnson, in which he said there are vivid details about sexual acts.

Slotta didn’t name the specific school his child attends because, he said, his goal is not to get anyone fired, but to effect change by initiating the review that would question the legality of the material within the context of a K-12 scholastic setting.

In response to Slotta’s concerns, a Wake County board member forwarded Slotta a written policy by which parents can request a review and removal of certain material.

What the board member didn’t get back to me on was the process by which these are added to the media center,” he said. “I suspect that’s going to be more of a challenge for them to respond to just given the nature of those materials, but that will be a major emphasis of our inquiry going forward.”

Appropriate Discernment

Within the school setting, Slotta said “sexuality” and “biology” should be discerned.

We send our kids to school to be taught science and mathematics, and a part of that discipline of science includes anatomy and biology, but when it comes to human sexuality, which to me is a very different discipline, I think that belongs at home with the parents, not in the schools with the teachers,” Slotta said.

When reached for comment, the Wake County Public School System’s (WCPS) communication director sent The Epoch Times the WCPS’ policy on the parent’s right to inspect materials and submit an objection.

If the committee determines that any material violates constitutional or other legal rights of the parent or student, the principal or the committee shall either remove the material from instructional use or accommodate the student or parent,” the policy states.

F.A.C.T.S. Task Force

Earlier this year, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, a Republican, had enacted the F.A.C.T.S. (Fairness and Accountability in the Classroom for Teachers and Students) task force to provide an online portal through which teachers and students can submit examples of critical race theory (CRT) in the North Carolina school systems.

CRT is based on the Marxist philosophy that describes society as a class struggle between oppressors and the oppressed; it labels white people as the oppressors and all other races as the oppressed.

In the report, themes of race shaming, sexualization of children, allusions to surgical castration in children’s literature, and accusations of xenophobia against political figures surfaced.

Democrats, including Gov. Roy Cooper, have said that the allegations of CRT being taught in schools is “conspiracy-laden politics.”

Cooper later vetoed a bill that would have prohibited teachings that promote concepts that are contrary to “equality and rights of all persons.”

This week, Robinson faced criticism over comments he made in a church while being filmed.

The video was posted on Twitter by a group called Right Wing Watch.

In referring to homosexuality and transgenderism, Robinson said these issues “have no place in school.”

There’s no reason anybody anywhere in America should be telling a child about transgenderism, homosexuality, any of that filth, and yes I called it filth,” Robinson said.

The White House and North Carolina politicians, including Gov. Cooper and Attorney General Josh Stein, condemned Robinson, and various LGBT groups called for his resignation, to which Robinson later said he wouldn’t “back down.”

In a press conference on Oct. 12, Robinson said that by “filth,” he was referring to the material, not the LGBT community.

The narrative that’s been driven that I have something against the LGBT community is absolutely false,” Robinson said.

American is not a theocracy, he added.

I don’t have the right to tell anyone how they live their personal lives,” Robinson said.

Though he may disagree with one’s lifestyle on a “personal and spiritual level,” he said it’s his job to protect people’s rights.

Robinson then said the question around the material being found in schools is a legal issue.

You can look at this and clearly see that this is quite possibly, probably is child pornography being presented to our children,” he said, referencing images he had displayed beside him from the book “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” by Maia Kobabe, which depicted explicit sexual acts.

Both “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy” were pulled from The Fairfax Public School system in Virginia after a parent spoke out against the books at a school board meeting.

When asked in what school systems the book was found, Robinson’s director of communication said it “came to our office’s attention from Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, North Carolina. However, we know that it is in at least six counties: Buncombe, Durham, Gaston, Mecklenburg, Orange, and Wake.”

By Matt McGregor

October 19, 2021

The Coming Ecological Dictatorship

‘These courtesans of power, whom no one has elected and who owe their appointment to the globalist elite that uses them as cynical executors of their orders, have since 2017 declared in no uncertain terms the society that they want to achieve.’

Click HERE to read entire transcription of video speech by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano’ on Oct 15, 2021

Don’t be fooled; Even if you do not see see an increase in Federal or State income or property taxes, you are still receiving a tax increase through the increase in the price of gasoline, utilities, food, and all consumer goods and services. If you pay 25% more for an item that is taxable, then the government is receiving 25% more tax revenue from you. Even if the item is not taxable to you, the business pays taxes on the item’s increase in profit (or should, at least) and so the government still receives an increase in tax revenue. And that is money that is no longer in your wallet or bank account for you to use as you see fit. To the government, YOUR money is THEIR money that they are graciously allowing you to decide how to spend on goods and services (or ungraciously forcing you to fork over in taxes)…..allowing, mind you… least for now.,,,,until they decide otherwise.

October 18, 2021

Vaccine mandates have absolutely nothing to do with medical realities

(Excerpt transcription) Berenson told Rogan the number of fully vaccinated people dying from COVID is rising, according to data in most countries. He pointed to what he claims is the best national data available, data from Israel and the U.K. “The best data we have comes out of the U.K. and Israel,” Berenson said. “And in the U.K., at least 70% of the people who died from COVID in August were fully vaccinated, and that’s straight from British government documents.” Berenson said Israel, which began vaccinating earlier than any other country, mandated a third, booster shot because data showed fully vaccinated people were losing their immunity and dying from COVID. Berenson said the third shot “drives up protection in the short term, but we don’t know what the consequences of a third shot in the long term.

Co-Inventor of the mRNA Vaccine Technology

The COVID-19 gene-altering treatment wanes 40% each month. If you haven’t taken the jab, don’t ever do so. If you have, don’t get the booster. The risks far outweigh any supposed benefits