Something very interesting happened in regards to my website. Until just recently, I had never added tags to any of my posts or pages. I decided to do so, and went through and added multiple tags to each post and page. Strangely enough, after I did so, for about the next 10 days, I had absolutely no visitors to my site. Zero. After much thought, I correlated the adding of tags to the cessation of traffic to my site. After realizing this, I went through and deleted all of the tags, which was not a quick process. Within 12 hours, I began to have visitors again. Coincidence? Not likely. I believe, although I have no definitive proof, that my site was being filtered out or demoted. My followers would have been notified of new posts, yet none visited during those 10 days. Somehow, persons were finding me prior to the adding of tags, so I will never use them again. They, apparently, can be used as a basis for cancellation of free speech that does not coincide with the political rhetoric and agenda of the current regime, billionaires, big tech, pharma, social media giants and the mainstream media. My encouragement is the same… your own research! Do not blindly trust anyone without verifying the info, especially those in authority, or who have any power, over your life. They have only their best interest at heart in all actions, words and plans. And, if what is in your best interest conflicts with theirs, you will lose every time. Finally, follow the money and gain in power! That will lead you to who has the motive to lie to, punish and cancel you.