I find it frustrating how little due diligence the average person is willing to do to know or confirm the truth. I often feel that I am one of only a few who spots the lies, the half-truths and the manipulation by the mainstream media, social media, the current un-elected administration and other politicians who benefit from keeping the current false narrative going.

There are certain lies that nearly everyone I know believes. Even after explaining to them why a so-called “fact” is actually false, referring them to older pages of websites which now spout lies, and encouraging them to do their own research, my efforts have produced no change. I have come to the conclusion that they do not wish to know the truth because the lies are what they want to hear and the thought of facing the truth is more than they can handle emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. They are, however, short-sighted since the truth has an habit of smacking us in the face sooner or later. Like any issue, it is always so much easier to deal with it at the beginning – “nip it in the bud”.

The most common misconceptions I have been trying to correct are:

  • 1. Masks are effective at preventing infection and transmission of viruses – Wrong! The virus that causes Covid-19 is 1/1000th the size of a human hair. It has no trouble passing through the common types of masks, both ways. This can be confirmed just by reading your package of masks.
  • 2. Masks are harmless – Wrong! They decrease the amount of oxygen that is available to breathe because the carbon dioxide that is expelled when you breath out displaces some of the oxygen. In other words, you are breathing “used” air. This is particularly harmful to the developing brains of children. Masks are a form of societal control, and when it is demanded that children wear them. it is a form of child abuse. Their purpose is to train them to be comfortable with having no say over their existence, but to instead obey the elitists who truly consider themselves superior to “the masses”.
  • 3. “Cases” are raging – Wrong! “Cases” are irrelevant. The medical term “case” is purposely being exploited and misused. A “case” is when a person shows symptoms of a particular disease, it does not mean a person has tested “positive” for it; but, the latter is the stat that the mainstream media, social media and the current regime are using. Just because someone is “positive” means nothing. Most persons, especially those under 19 years old, will be either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. Besides, the scientist who developed the PCR test has said that it was created for use in a research setting, not as a diagnostic test. It can detect, if misused – and it is – a strand of a virus you recovered from years ago. The false “positives” range from 50% to 90%. All that is important are hospitalizations and deaths, but you will find that those statistics are rarely shared because they would expose the limits of the virus, thereby negating the false narrative. Besides, they are exaggerated many-fold.
  • 4. Hospitals are being overwhelmed – Wrong! There was a brief time when some hospitals were full; but, when the medicals ships came and parked off the two coasts, they had few patients. There was so little need for medical personnel when elective and medically necessary surgeries and procedures were cancelled that a significant number of medical staff across the country were laid off.
  • 5. Asymptomatic persons can transmit the virus – Wrong! There is virtually 0% chance that someone who does not present with symptoms can transmit the virus. That is true of all viruses. The belief that asymptomatic persons are “a danger to society” is fearmongering, which leads to abuse. (See #1)
  • 6. Hundreds of thousands of U.S. residents have died from the virus – Wrong! Even the CDC has stated that only around 6% of those listed as a “Covid-19” death have died of the virus – the rest were found to be “positive” – and the majority were elderly with three or more co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, etc. If you are under 50 years old and basically healthy, you have, even without medical intervention, a 99.97% chance of recovering just fine.
  • 7. The “vaccine” is crucial for us to get back to a “new normal” – Wrong! There are effective, inexpensive and easily (used to be) obtained treatments whose existence has been squashed by those who have a nefarious agenda. This “vaccine” would never have been authorized if these treatments had been disclosed because “Emergency Use Authorization” is only available for drugs, vaccines, etc. if there is no available treatment. This makes it clear that the elitists have no interest in whether one lives or dies, only that they accomplish their goals of power and control. Most deaths would not have occurred if the known treatments had been administered.
  • 8. The Covid-19 “vaccine” is safe and effective – Wrong! How is it possible to know this when it was only developed about a year ago? The small pox vaccine took decades to develop and be approved. Other vaccines have taken 10 years. Also, the Covid-19 “jab” is not a vaccine. It does not work like a vaccine and has no characteristics of a vaccine. The term “vaccine” is just more palatable than “experimental biological agent that utilizes gene therapy”. Once the solution is in your body, it never leaves. There is no way to know all the side effects; however, according to the reporting database VAERS, at least 16,000 have died as a direct result of the vaccine, and, unlike the virus itself, it kills those of all ages – and VAERS admits that only about 1% of side-effects and deaths are reported! Young men, in particular, risk heart inflammation that can cause permanent damage. This “jab” provides no benefit, but does have major risks, for those with a statistically 0% chance of dying from the virus. (See #6)
  • 9. The Covid-19 “vaccine” drastically reduces the chance of transmitting or acquiring the virus – Wrong! Even the manufacturers do not say this. What they do say is that it will reduced the severity of the symptoms and decrease the chance of dying; but, for those under 50 years old and basically healthy, the chance of dying is so insignificant that the “jab” is not only not necessary, it can be harmful. What the hell is in that stuff that all elitists are pushing for 100% of the world to get it? Suspiciously, it has been shown that at least one filthy rich elitist has no intention of getting it or allowing his family to receive it – Facebook founder, Zuckerberg. Why?
  • 10. Lockdowns and distancing have helped slow the spread of the virus – Wrong! Like masks, these measures do nothing. None of the mandates forced upon the U.S. and other countries have anything to do with keeping us “safe”. They have everything to do with training and indoctrination. Articles on the CDC website dated prior to 2020 say exactly this: there is little to no benefit to the wearing of masks, being forced into quarantine when one isn’t ill or maintaining anti-social distancing. There is no scientific basis for any of these measures. The next time you hear someone say “follow the science” as they are stripping you of all of your basic liberties, scream “liar”.

I could list hundreds more ways that we are being lied to and manipulated, but what good would it do? Either you believe me outright or believe me because you have done your own research, or you don’t believe me because you have an agenda, are too lazy to determine the truth or are uninterested in knowing it. Those adhering to the latter three reasons are, in big part, responsible for the current ushering in of Communism and the elimination of all of the rights that previous generations gave their lives to defend. The United States of America will die because her people are intentionally ignorant, and incredibly passive and cowardly.

AKA: Communism/Socialism/Totalitarianism/One-Party Rule