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In a three part series, Dr. Alan Moy explains why he believes vaccine mandates are driven out of fear, ignorance, and deception and advises readers what they can do to fight back.

Three and a Half more Years of Biden-Harris

(An excerpt)

…The Constitution mandates that the Biden-Harris regime has about 3.5 years remaining.  Much damage can be wrought by their regime over that time.  Our lows now are likely only glimpses of greater lows ahead.  To save freedom, and safeguard ourselves, fights there must be.  Patriots aren’t permitted to hang out in the bleachers.  We must endure and overcome.  Freedom demands a price.  Time to prepare ourselves to pay it. 

By J. Robert Smith

True or not, I wouldn’t put it past him because he – and his entire administration and cohorts – hates the U.S and the hardworking folks who inhabit her. There is no way to “build back better” without destroying what currently exists!!! In only 7 months, he is well on the way to destroying all for which our veterans fought and many died: Freedom.