Imagine being in control of your child’s education and not having to answer to teachers who have their own biases and agendas.

These principles are the priorty of “Public” aka “Government” schools………..NOT reading, writing and arithmatic

Lose the Fear: Take Control

This fall, I challenge you to live a school year that’s beautiful. I challenge you to take these wonderful little people into your arms and read to them, play with them and teach them. Allow your home to be more than the place that you come back to after a long day away and sleep. Turn your kitchen table into a craft zone, a science lab, a place where you gather and enjoy each other’s company. Make your home the domestic school that it’s supposed to be.

Talk to your children. Learn from them. What are they interested in? What is something you learned that you thought was amazing and would love to teach them? There is no limitation to their imaginations, and if you take the time to be present, you’ll be able to share in their discovery. 

Many parents love to use the line, “Well, my school system is different.” The truth is most parents wouldn’t send their children off to these indoctrination stations if they truly didn’t believe that theirs was the diamond in the rough. But is it? Really?

Times have been a-changin’, and the changes aren’t for the good. We’ve seen what public school produces, and many of us want a refund. It doesn’t take much for us to see the seeds we’ve sown. Unless we take our mission seriously, our world will only fall further. Sadly, it’s our children who will be the ones left to pay the price of our indecision and/or failure to act.

Consider the alternative though. Imagine a fall where your children continue enjoying life, as they do in the summer. Imagine being in control of your child’s education and not having to answer to teachers who have their own biases and agendas: No Zoom meetings unless you want them, no fear of mask mandates, no worry of what your children are actually being taught.

There are so many resources out there for new homeschooling parents and so many different options for different teaching styles. One of the greatest features about being in charge of your child’s education is that you can explore so many different ways to teach. You aren’t held by the government’s standard one-size-fits-all law. Your child, being taught at home, has the freedom to learn and explore at his own pace, with no threat of “falling behind” or having to stay in a class that bores him because he’s learned all that could be taught. 

I pray this new season will be a fantastic one for you and yours. I pray we will all live lives of great courage and never miss an opportunity to take back what belongs to us: our freedoms, our parental rights, our children. 

By Stacie Sims

Masks are child abuse for the simple reason that children have a statistically 0% chance of dying from the Sars-COV-2 virus and asymptomatic persons, in general, do NOT pass on the virus. Anything else you’ve heard is a myth. Those most at risk of COVID-19 complications are the elderly over 70 years old, those with serious co-morbidities like COPD or diabetes, and the very obese…period

This virus needs only the same precautions as other viruses like the annual flu: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, sneeze or cough into a tissue or your elbow, and stay home upon becoming symptomatic.

That’s all !!!

I, personally, use zinc lozenges at the first sign that I may possibly be getting sick and take a Vitamin D3 supplement every day. Also, look into having Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine on hand. Click below to discover HOW & WHY: