The Fraud Behind the Covid Fraud – Global Warming

Who Rules Us???

A Patrick Coffin Audio Podcast

Who really rules us? Who are the real overlords, the Marionette string holders, the Masters of the Universe?

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Not one of these dire warnings has ever come true and never will.
However, the warnings about the ushering in of socialism/communism, a 2-tired class system (The 1% filthy rich elitists who feel that they alone are worthy to dictate our lives, not we ourselves – and the 99% “The Masses”, us) are in our future if we don’t come together and revolt – violently, if necessary. The 1%’s goals will not make life better for any of the 99%, but they will cause the filthy rich to become obscenely filthy rich. Socialism/communism do not lift up “The Masses”, they simply make everyone equal…..equally poor. Only by breaking our spirit (Closing churches, mask mandates, and so-called “social distancing”), eliminating group socializing and communication (Lockdowns, biased news reporting, and social media censorship), making us dependent on “The State” for the food we eat (Bill Gates owns over 1/2 of the farm land in the U.S. and could cause a food shortage all by himself), the shacks in which we reside (The elimination of private property), and the used clothing on our backs (Everything will be “community” owned and then borrowed) will the global, rich, powerful elitists succeed. Resist. If not, then when you come to realize that you have indeed been duped and your life is no longer your own, keep your mouth shut. Your chance to make a difference will have passed and you have lost the privilege to complain.