Don’t be afraid – you can homeschool your kids. It’s not as daunting as you may think. Don’t believe the lies such as homeschooled children are socially awkward. There are many resources on the web, including classes for every subject taught by certified teachers. Think “independent” teachers, not virtual learning using the school district’s choice of teachers. Going virtual through your local school district is not necessarily better than them attending classes in person, though you may get a better idea of and be more appalled at what kind of persons the government wants your children to be. Both choices are taught according to the values of the current government. Some states, like California, are particularly Marxist. In government schools aka public schools, your children are taught an agenda starting in kindergarten. These include: graphic sex education using photos not drawings for the purpose of teaching that sex anywhere, anytime, with anybody and in any way is “natural”, ethnic studies which includes learning about pagan religions and rituals for the purpose of teaching that all religions are the same, CRT which teaches that those with fair skin are responsible for all the ills of society, gender theory and “alternate” lifestyles which teach that there is nothing wrong with “experimentation” as long as you do it “safely” and that biology is relative. By using independent teachers, you can fulfill graduation requirements but without Marxist governmental indoctrination. Remember: you are the one who has to deal with the aftermath of the indoctrination. It is not unrealistic to expect your public-school-taught children to reject all you believe in favor of what the government wants them to believe. They are in school 6-8 hours a day. Do you influence your children that long each day?

Even if you decide to not homeschool, I beg you to demand from your children’s schools and teachers, the syllabus, curriculum and study materials for every class. Beware of vague descriptions such as “age appropriate”. Exactly who decides whether a class is “age appropriate”? Not the parents but the current Marxist government.

Below, you will find a video done by a family with six kids. Tim and Steph are an inspiration. Steph teaches her kids most of the classes herself despite not being a teacher by trade. When they moved from California to Mississippi, they did not need to worry about the trauma kids experience when going to a new school. They are fun to watch and hear. Even if you are not particularly religious, they have useful tips that anyone can use. Just pass by their critique of their Church.

The second video will let you know that homeschooling is all the rage now and completely doable. I am not posting the video to promote the academy, but as an example of what is out there. Tim’s and the other teachers’ selection of classes may not be what your children need or what you want them to take; but, do investigate thoroughly whoever you decide to have teach your children…..or teach them yourself. The lower grades are especially suited for “Teacher Mom or Dad”

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Tim and Steph Gordon in Mississippi

Retrograde Classical Academy

Indoctrinating children with an “Us against Them” mentality.
Teaching them that blind obedience to the State equals privileges;
but, questioning or protesting anything the State
demands of you equals punishment; and
government control over every aspect of your life is

good and desirable because the State knows what is best for you
…..aka Marxism indoctrination.

Research and learn what a country based on Marxism, Socialism and Communism
is really like i.e. Venezuela and the current regime in Australia (Watch videos below).

What is happening in Australia WILL happen in the U.S. if her citizens do not fight back, do not close her borders and continue to blindly and obediently follow a government that doesn’t care whether you live or die…and even less about telling the truth.