Vaccine mandates have absolutely nothing to do with medical realities

(Excerpt transcription) Berenson told Rogan the number of fully vaccinated people dying from COVID is rising, according to data in most countries. He pointed to what he claims is the best national data available, data from Israel and the U.K. “The best data we have comes out of the U.K. and Israel,” Berenson said. “And in the U.K., at least 70% of the people who died from COVID in August were fully vaccinated, and that’s straight from British government documents.” Berenson said Israel, which began vaccinating earlier than any other country, mandated a third, booster shot because data showed fully vaccinated people were losing their immunity and dying from COVID. Berenson said the third shot “drives up protection in the short term, but we don’t know what the consequences of a third shot in the long term.

Co-Inventor of the mRNA Vaccine Technology

The COVID-19 gene-altering treatment wanes 40% each month. If you haven’t taken the jab, don’t ever do so. If you have, don’t get the booster. The risks far outweigh any supposed benefits