Want a synopsis of all the crap the government is intentionally putting you through, and how and why they are doing so?

Then watch THIS video!

Even Black Lives Matter Has Had Enough

Michael Matt explains how the Build Back Better sabotage of America is directly impacting deliveries and construction work on the new RTV studio project.  Lumber, supplies, even food is in short supply all across the country, as some 70 cargo ships off the coast of California are not allowed to unload their cargo. 

What’s going on?

Michael argues that we’re witnessing the intentionally orchestrated collapse the U.S. economy, which includes wrecking small business (because it provides independence from government), paying Americans not to work, opening the borders and — last but not least — putting a total buffoon in the Oval Office.

If they’re going to “build back better,” our globalist friends first have to destroy everything in this country…including the once greatest healthcare system in the world.  If you don’t think this is intentional, you need to watch this video.

Tell that to the average middle-class family who is seeing the greatest and most rapid increase in food and gas prices in decades. But, hey; none of that affects the lives of those who are causing it to occur because they ARE upper-class and therefore WEALTHY! Still think they give a damn about your life, this country or “the common good”?
Wrong! They are doing what is best for themselves, ONLY.
As always, thank Biden voters for the additional 20-25% you are now paying for the food you put in your children’s mouths and the gas you use to get to work…..that is if you are not leaching off of the middle-class by taking government money!!