We Have Lost Many of Our Constitutional Rights Already!

Freedom of Religion. Only if you follow the Religion of Public Health. Pastors, Priests, and Rabbis bowed down to the false god of government when tyrannical governors prohibited or limited in person religious events.

Free Speech. Not anymore. Controlled and censored speech is the order of the day. Critical thinking is mocked. Doctors are threatened by the medical establishment for asking scientific questions about COVID early treatments and vaccine related illnesses.

Free Press. Wiped out. Five corporations control 90% of America’s news outlets: Comcast, Disney, Viacom/CBS, News Corp, and AT&T. The official narrative is parroted verbatim and incessantly. Just like China. Just like North Korea. It is no wonder a recent Rasmussen poll found that over 60% of the American people view the press as: “The Enemy of the People.”

Freedom of Assembly. The government is threatening organizations who don’t “social distance,” who refuse to wear a mask, and who won’t abide by limits on the number of people who can attend rallies-groups like America’s Frontline Doctors.

Freedom to Petition the Government. I am, for all practical purposes, under house arrest with no formal charges brought against me. Why? Because I petitioned my government—and now I have lost my Constitutional rights. And I am not alone.

Right to bodily integrity. This is essentially gone, through coercive tactics to force Americans to accept an experimental treatment they don’t want and don’t need.

Due process. Don’t get me started. There are good people, Americans who are languishing in jail as I write you – pretrial – based upon accusations only!

Speedy and Public Trial. Gone. No longer will the US government promise to give us our day in court, much less before a jury of our peers for all to see. So-called secret courts.

Trial by Jury. Due to lockdowns, the accused are held without a trial by jury for weeks or months.

I always thought I lived in the United States of America, not in some communist dictatorship.

And what are the excuses for erasing our Constitution? Medical safety, economic security, and religious duty. But we cannot afford to overlook the underlying theme to all three: TYRANNY.

The reason the communists decided to use medical tyranny is because it is the most effective: it is silent, secret, and insidious. It causes great fear, cowardice, and a hyper-reliance on authority. It also distracts people from the REAL enemy: the tyrannical overlords who seek to divide us.

The tyrannical overlords pit black against white, male against female, rich against poor. Vaxxed vs. normal is just another exploitable division.

Our work, our mission, is reclaiming our Constitutional liberties by blocking those who intend you to live under tyranny.

The World Health Organization, the FDA, the NIH, and the CDC are proven liars who have lost all credibility and common-sense, while jeopardizing YOUR health and safety.

What disgusts me most is how their failed prescriptions have exposed the most vulnerable: our elderly and our children.

The New York Times, CNN, NPR, and hundreds of other news outlets have censored the truth in order to preserve their power. Twitter, Facebook, Google/YouTube, Apple, and dozens of other Tech companies are throttling down content, suppressing information, and de-platforming those with whom they disagree.

And the White House, by pitting the vaxxed against the un-vaxxed, has created a scenario whereby they are imposing their imperialism and decrees on BOTH groups.

This is madness, and it must stop.

Benjamin Rush said, “Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of this republic should make special privilege for medical freedom as well as religious freedom.”

It begins with you and me. For Liberty.

Dr. Simone Gold, Founder
America’s Frontline Doctors

You CANNOT comply your way out of tyranny. Compliance only empowers tyrants to exert even more control by tearing away more of your rights, and increasing punishment for non-compliance, because you think “Well, it’s not THAT much worse”. Power stolen is never voluntarily relinquished; It has to be ripped away from those who abused their position by taking what they never deserved and were never permitted to have. If they demand a mile and you think that if they “compromise” and only take a yard, do you feel relieved? If yes, you are a blind, mindless drone. What stops them from taking yard after yard until they get the full mile in the end anyways? It may take longer, but you will still be enslaved. A frog in water slowly brought to a boil is still as cooked as one who is flash-boiled.

Who is suppose to serve who? The government serve the people? Or the people serve the government? Reflect on your actions and you will know who you feel should serve who. If/when there is another useless lockdown, mask mandate, or vaccine, when you obey out of fear or out of the hope for a return to previous autonomy when all evidence indicates the opposite, who are you trusting? Who are you worshipping? Who has the final say over your life? To whom are you bowing? Your choices are to either act like a spineless, docile, tit-sucking slave who relies on his or her “master” to make all of one’s decisions or like someone who knows that the worst is yet to come if you do not rebel and say “Stop! NO! WE tell YOU how we wish to be governed. You don’t get to tell us how to live our lives. I, alone, will be forced to deal with the consequences of decisions affecting my life, whether those decisions are made by you or me. There is no downside for you. For me, the probable downside of allowing you to act as my sole authority under whom I must receive permission to even take my next breath is the loss of my God-given freedoms, my inability to pursue happiness, and even the preservation of my life!”

You cannot believe in and bow to the government/media/social tech/corporations/”experts” who now act, together, as a single-minded entity with shared nefarious goals, and believe in and bow to the Creator of all, the omnipotent and never-changing God. They are 180 degrees apart from each other nearly 100% of the time, now. When you bow to the demands of a mere human being when they contradict the commands of God, you point your head at the authority of mankind, but your ass at the authority of God. And many wonder why Jesus said in scripture that most persons are damned.

Matthew 7:13-14

13 Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and those who find it are few in number.