Excuse the long pause in my posts

I have been working on trying to educate the residents, especially parents, of the coming “New Order” aka modern slavery. Alas, it is virtually impossible to overcome purposeful ignorance caused by apathy and laziness, even when overcoming that blindness would save the lives of their children. I feel frustrated almost to the point of despair. I have done a lot of research about many, many matters, and ironically, by doing so, I have found, time after time, it is only about 3% of any population who choose the “red pill”. Only 3%. I try to remind myself that only 3% of the residents of what would be become these United States of America actually fought in the Revolutionary War – and won it – with the remainder riding on the courage and deaths of those of who cared enough about their freedom to fight for it.

Freedom is NOT free.

Anyone who lives in a land of the free does so because of the brave.

To the depth of my being, I wish to abandon to the fate of utter poverty and slavery those who refuse to even stand up for the smallest of rights; unfortunately, they will drag me down with them if only from jealously of my courage and because misery does indeed love company. They will be and will deserve to be miserable…..

and yet, they will still DO nothing!

Watch THIS video by Computing Forever on BitChute and learn how “vaccination” = “sterilization

God have mercy on the U.S.A

Go AWAY Brandon!