The War on Humanity – Updated Video Link

Timeline Video of the PLAN-demic

The greatest sign of tyranny is when even questioning is forbidden. It makes you wonder WHY they are SOOOO insecure, so unable to be confronted about their force-it-down-our-throats narrative. What is their true agenda? It sure as hell has NOTHING to do with ridding the world of “mis-information” since they, themselves, are the ultimate culprit of it. I am leaving up the below blocked-video message – and adding a link to where the video CAN be viewed – just to remind you that that YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook, Microsoft, Google, Instagram, and many other hateful, arrogant, filthy rich control-freak madmen do not give a damn about informing you and allowing you to decide for yourself the fate of you own life, but only with indoctrinating you, corrupting you and, frankly, killing you. In their mind “The less the merrier” when it comes to the world’s population.

The video CAN be viewed at the below link. It’s time to ditch YouTube. Remember; every time you watch an ad on YouTube THEY are making money off of you. Money is what they ultimately love – deciding every micro-second of your life – and exterminating you off the face of the planet, if they so wish – are a close second. Want to aid in effecting change? Deprive them of their god – MONEY!

Click here for THE WAR ON HUMANITY video

YouTube elitist billionaires honestly feel that I am cattle and only worthy of being treated as their fodder. THEY will not decide what I hear, read, think, believe, do, feel or learn. I WILL DECIDE!!!

See link above to view the video and flip-off YouTube.

Covid Jab is meant to Cull the Population

Click Above for Video by Dr Vernon Coleman on Brand New Tube

Scientists on leashes like dogs. We are next.