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Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter McCullough MD, MPH were in a three hour podcast on Spotify. Here are “highlights”:

  • No American hospital system will treat Covid patients except for last-ditch procedures like ventilators.  Not even Harvard, UCLA or Mayo has a treatment protocol for Covid since all medicines that work, like Hydroxychloroquine, are forbidden due to political resistance.
  • Moderna was working on the “vaccine” before the virus was discovered.
  • Within its first year, the “vaccine” has killed about 45,000 Americans. About half of them died within 48 hours of the jab; 80% within a week. In 86% of these cases, there was no significant co-morbidities except age.
  • One official study found that 38% of Covid-positive cases were transmitted vaccinated-to-vaccinated. (Read this one again, slowly, if you still don’t get what’s going on here.)
  • He proves this was a “planned mass psychosis” by going through the stages required to lead the majority of a population into irrational fear.
  • 0% of the US COVID deaths were treated with adequate pre-hospitalization care like Ivermectin.
  • Ivermectin is now first-line medicine for Covid diagnoses in Japan and has flattened the curve in Peru, Mexico and parts of India.
  • Note that I disagree with his promotion of Monoclonal Antibodies since LifeSite News reports these “are made from/tested on fetal cells and risk ‘serious side effects.’”
  • All life-saving medicines were suppressed in order to roll out the “vaccine” and this was only able to be executed by using “planned mass psychosis” of fear.  McCullough proves this in many ways, one of which is how the CNN death tolls were allegedly in real-time, where as he, as a cardiologist and masters of public health, insists that death certificates are usually issued 6 weeks post-mortem.
  • The desired end of this global mass-psychosis (with the (mis)use of the existence of the virus and the “vaccines”) is a global net-loss of life.

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