Globalists, Elitists, Elected, and Un-Elected Like Biden, and the Filthy Rich Now Believe That WWIII is Necessary to Bring About The New World Order and The Great Reset Because the Average Person, Who Made Them Rich and Powerful in the First Place, are NOT Saying “How High?” When They Say “Jump”. Remember This When You Vote: Once a Tyrant, ALWAYS a TYRANT! That Includes the Vast Majority of School Board Members Who Demanded Masks Solely to Make It Clear Who is in Control – They Do NOT Believe That Parents Should Have a Say Over Their Own Children Whether It’s Education, Health, Morals or Beliefs.

Those in power in every nation on earth consider the average person to be cattle to be used, bought and sold at will. Sanctions that affect the average person, exactly like those being imposed on Russia, are ineffective in swaying a government because the sanctions will not affect the rulers. In general, sanctions, even those supposedly limited to being against one nation, cause death by starvation across the globe, including Africa and the United States, because they cause a disruption in the food trade, specifically the fertilizer trade, and cause massive increases in the prices of food.

FYI: Inflation in NOT around 7-8%. Look at your grocery bill and compare the cost of a particular item this year compared to one year ago. Inflation is more like 25%.

BTW, the increase in gasoline prices is NOT Putin’s fault; it is Biden’s fault. When Trump left office, the United States was energy, including petroleum, independent. Biden destroyed that and made us dependent on some of our worst enemies by forcing the need for importation of energy with a few strokes of his pen on his first day in office.