NO, it did not confirm that Biden “won”.

Main findings are presented in the video between 00:08:35 and 2:16:20

It’s worth your time to watch if only to see how the big-time, wealthy leftists – corporations, social media, mainstream media, billionaires, elitists and the entire Democrat party – skewed the assessment of the findings to align with their agenda.


Their lies, their deception, their lack of integrity, their insults to the intelligence of the American people, the extent of their willingness to be immoral and unethical, and remain committed to all of the evil they are committing and the harm they are inflicting…..

It blows the mind !!!!!

All they needed to do was to present the facts

– NO editorializing, no creating a result out of thin air –
to be true journalists.
They didn’t and won’t because they don’t want Americans to know the whole truth.
The average American will believe the lies because they will do no research of their own.

They ceased to be “journalists” a long time ago.

Leftist mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, Reuters, and USA Today, plus leftist social media like FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram are at the beck and call of the Democrat Party, willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the intended goals.

They are propagandists for the Democrat party.
The Democrat Party is not as of yester-year.
It is now the servant of Satan himself.

In other words, to Democrats, the ends DO justify the means – and that is a scary thought.

Confused? Afraid? Compliant? Silent?
Then you are right where the current regime in Washington D.C. wants you