“Many Americans are too scared to think clearly,” noted Carlson. “If you’ve had the vaccine, which you say you believe is effective, but you’re too afraid to rent a car for fear of getting COVID, you’re not thinking clearly. And you’re not thinking clearly because you’re too afraid. And you’re afraid because you’ve been told for more than a year that you are required to be terrified.” 

“And the arrival of the vaccine has not calmed you at all,” continued the Fox News host.  “Instead, demagogues have instructed them to channel their fear into hate, and turn it on anyone who disobeys their orders. The result is vaccinated Americans in masks cannot be happy or feel safe, or feel any relief at all, until every other person in the country joins them in getting the shot, and covering their faces. That’s not rational. That’s not science. It’s something much darker than that. What began as public health measures have become instruments of social control.”

Carlson focused on Santa Ana, California, where earlier this week citizens protested against Orange County’s new vaccine passport program:

Politicians in Orange County are building a digital database of residents who’ve been vaccinated against COVID. Not surprisingly, some citizens fear that information could be used going forward to violate their privacy, or to limit their constitutional rights. No matter where you are on vaccine passports, those are obviously valid concerns. They’re not crazy. 

If authorities in Orange County decided to start a database of everyone infected with HIV, or every woman who’d had an abortion, civil libertarians and others would, of course, ask vigorous questions about it. But with COVID, there are no questions allowed. Orange County’s board of supervisors effectively ignored Tuesday’s protest. One of the supervisors, a Democrat called Katrina Foley, dismissed the protesters with undisguised contempt. “They don’t believe in vaccines,” she snorted.

Today, the CDC announced new guidance allowing those who have received the COVID-19 vaccination to ditch their masks while those who have not received the jab must continue to wear them both indoors and outdoors, and continue to practice social distancing.  

By issuing differing directives for the vaccinated and unvaccinated, the CDC is attempting to cast shame on those who must continue to wear masks.  

After Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson told Carlson on Monday that since he has already had COVID-19 and after having consulted with his physician, he decided to abstain from the C19 vaccine. 

“There is no medical reason for him to get the vaccine,” noted Carlson. “People shouldn’t take medicine they don’t need. Ron Johnson has decided for these reasons against getting the shot. Now, that is not a crazy position. In fact, it’s an entirely rational position.”

Yet in a brief video clip, MSNBC’s Brian Williams denounced Sen. Johnson’s declaration on Fox News, suggesting that he may be acting as stooge for Russia:

I know really smart, educated, substantial people who believe (Sen. Johnson) to be a witting or an unwitting asset of Russia — who would sound a lot like that — in American society.

By Doug Mainwaring