Or Would That Violate A Climate Accord?

October 24, 2021 (The Wanderer) – Attributing one’s own prejudices, disreputable tactics and fears to one’s foes by the technique of projection has grown especially prominent in recent years.

Left-wing extremists seek to disable conservatives by blasting them for supposedly thinking and acting the way the left actually operates.

We’ve seen pro-abortionists make up the accusation that if pro-life laws were enacted, women would be fired from their jobs for having abortions.

A totally bogus charge. However, Joe Biden’s Marxist-poisoned administration oversees actual brutal firings and threats of firings all around the United States of innocent, vital workers who reject his demands that they get injections against a virus that generally has more than a 99 percent survival rate.

This is not the bubonic plague, but wicked bad Catholic Biden’s own political disease to sicken the U.S. Has this nation ever seen anything like it?

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming, we’re told of bleakness and shortages, soaring costs and ill-stocked shelves. On October 20 Fox News headlined an opinion piece by conservative U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R., Mo.), “America Under Joe Biden Is a Land of Scarcity and Want.”

You’ve been thrown out of your job, denied unemployment payments, and doubt that you’ll be able to afford much on your list of turkeys and gifts this holiday season. Don’t worry, even if you had the money, maybe they won’t be on the shelves. Maybe they’re stalled on a ship whose containers, moreover, have no truckers to move them on shore.

For a U.S. still struggling economically, what a great idea to kick out of their jobs — for starters — airline pilots, assembly-line workers, nurses and doctors, police, firefighters, soldiers and sailors, teachers, you name it.

Hey, how about tossing out some arrogant politicians in D.C.?
It’s an intentional vicious assault on American workers and their families by a cruel pharaoh who’d be better left bobbing in the Red Sea.

Former Detroit Police Chief James Craig told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on October 20 that vaccine firings are the Democrats’ new tactic to achieve their goal of defunding the police.

And how did you like Biden’s plan to have the IRS monitor your bank account? Aside from being an unconstitutional invasion of privacy, this was a bad idea anyway because you won’t have anything left in it for government inspectors to count.

But if by chance you did manage to keep some cash there, maybe you could apply to change your citizenship status to “illegal alien.” Then you could do whatever the heck you wanted and the government wouldn’t give a darn. Would probably even give you a bundle of new cash extracted from taxpayers.

From the very day Biden took office last January, he intentionally began this nation’s destruction. He started reversing Donald Trump’s successful energy policies so that the U.S. and its people became beggars, suffering debilities and higher costs all along supply chains.

More expensive fuel means more expensive production methods means more expensive transportation means more expensive overhead — all down the line.

One might prefer to think Biden simply was surrendering to his environmental wacko backers, but might the reason be even more malign? Certainly aggressive, deal-making Communist China with its hypersonic nuclear-weapons testing must take pleasure at seeing the U.S. becoming as decrepit as Biden himself.

Conservatives might assure themselves that at least this will be over after 2022 midterm elections throttle Democrats. But why should anyone think that Dem fraud specialists would allow an honest vote to deprive them of majorities?

Biden and his henchmen seem to want to keep the pandemic going. What better tool among many at hand than to keep spreading new COVID-carrying illegal aliens around the nation, even on secret flights? Hey, too dangerous to go to polling stations. Gotta have more massive mail-in balloting, as in 2020.

Time magazine writer Molly Ball couldn’t contain her happiness over how that had worked. Back on February 4 Time posted her article “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.”

Yep, the big guys got together to deny Trump re-election. It was reportorial candor that dominant media instead usually denounced as right-wing conspiracy theory. Molly loved the result, which she thought was all very ethical, but in my extensive daily online perusals, I just don’t see embarrassingly candid Ball being recalled these days for demonstrating why we have Biden.

But another Molly, although this one is spelled Mollie, as in Hemingway, digs deeper in her new book, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections (Regnery).

The conservative Hemingway tells, for instance, of how left-wing powerhouse and private citizen Mark Zuckerberg distributed his big Zuckerbucks to governmental bodies themselves that ran elections.

This wasn’t money that, say, bought advertising for Democrats. It was money that helped count the votes. As Joy Pullmann wrote at The Federalist site on October 20, in 2020 “Zuckerberg used this strategy to deploy nearly half a billion dollars to help Democrat activists infiltrate local government election apparatuses, literally paying for election equipment and the salaries of partisans who counted ballots.

“This kind of tax-exempt political interference is now standard practice for the world’s far-left ultra-rich, and it’s affecting a whole lot more than elections,” Pullmann wrote. “It’s constructed essentially a shadow government that pits elected officials against their voters on behalf of moneyed interests.”

Conservative national radio talk host Charlie Kirk asked listeners how the conservative-libertarian Koch billionaires would be treated if they tried to fund government election work this way.

Maricopa County, Ariz., has been much in the news for questionable election results that gave Biden a narrow presidential victory in the Grand Canyon State, even though the county’s cantankerous board of supervisors was four-to-one Republican. But Republicans have been known to appreciate using money, too.

As The Wanderer has noted before, back in April the national Gateway Pundit site said it appeared these supervisors “accepted almost $3 million in Zuckerbucks in 2020 — grant money dumped from progressive Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan’s foundation — as well as from other Big Tech billionaires and radical philanthropists — into the hands of somebody in Maricopa County through a 501(c)(3) ‘nonpartisan charity,’ the Chicago-based Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL).”

Unlimited Opportunities

Meanwhile, when U.S. Catholic bishops meet in November to weigh Eucharistic discipline for bad Catholic politicians, might it occur to some prelates that politicians actively trying to destroy their own nation deserve some condemnation, too?

Biden barely was in the Oval Office when he threw away Trump’s successful border-protection policies, replacing them with a wide-open invitation for any advantage-seeker to stomp right in with his bag of criminal tricks.

The Arizona Sun Times posted an article October 20 about Biden administration plans to change immigration policy so as to fast-track illegal entrants. It was headlined, “Department of Homeland Security Insider Blows the Whistle on Biden Regime Policies That Allow Sex Traffickers and Drug Cartels to Operate in U.S.”

Unfortunately, various bishops seem to think that only Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and their donkey are crossing the line instead of being joined by an unvetted assortment of sex traffickers, drug pushers, gang members, and other lawbreakers.

And why shouldn’t these criminals come in when they see unlimited opportunities to ply their trades under corrupt U.S. politicians who hope there’s some benefit in it for the Democratic Party, too?

For more than a decade, Catholic bureaucrats have tolerated or encouraged massive border violation rather than realizing that a generous U.S. immigration policy still can’t accommodate everyone, and that aspirants have to apply from back home and obey requirements.

Some people simply have to build up their own lands, hard as that may be. Not every European immigrant a century ago at Ellis Island got the stamp of approval for entry.

Seeing a photo of Tucson’s now-retired Catholic Bishop Gerald Kicanas having ritually blessed illegal immigrants in Mexico while he was in office as they prepared to sneak into the U.S. showed how these folks were being misled into thinking this was their right.

Nor did Kicanas’ successor, Bishop Edward Weisenburger, help matters in 2018 by suggesting canonical penalties be imposed against Trump’s U.S. border agents doing their legal jobs against border lawbreakers.

Speaking of border agents, Biden typically chose about the worst possible person for an assignment — that is, Biden or at least his puppet masters did — when he named Tucson police chief Chris Magnus to head Customs and Border Protection.

Former Tucson police officer Brandon Tatum said that Magnus, who favors sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, destroyed Tucson officers’ morale and hated for them to interact with Border Patrol.

Tatum, who has gone on to have a strong social-media presence at theofficertatum.com, told Phoenix talk host James T. Harris on October 19 (KFYI, 550 AM) that the unqualified Magnus was hired to be Tucson chief by its city council because he was a liberal homosexual from the San Francisco area who supported Black Lives Matter.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, a Republican, said Magnus, who never took the border seriously, is unfit to run the Border Patrol.
Brnovich seems to think that success is measured by what works. But Biden’s entire philosophy, if you can call it that, is choosing what doesn’t and won’t work, and making that official U.S. policy.

How long before some officials who want to save the U.S. will escort Biden, his space cadet Vice President Kamala Harris, baby slayer Nancy Pelosi and the rest of this dangerous bunch off to a nice, long, enforced vacation in Tahiti? Or Mars via Kamala’s flying saucer?

By Dexter Duggan